Monday, May 12, 2014

Disneyland Paris Update - Part Two - Walt Disney Studios Ratatouille Ride

Here is the part two of my Disneyland Paris update and today we'll go at the Walt Disney Studios with great pictures of Max Fan, D&M contributor and DLPWelcome webmaster.

As you know WDS guests can now meet Spiderman at the Backlot and banners are now in place at the entrance on the Studio 1 to make sure they don't miss him.

Same all along Backlot and near the Blockbuster Cafe where is the Spidey meet and greet.

Spiderman merchandise products are also in place in Backlot with action figures and Spidey LEGO on sale between Armaggedon and the Moteurs... Action! stunt show.

Okay, let's move to the Ratatouille construction site as there is plenty of things to see. Let's start with aerial views shot by Max from Toy Story Playland Parachute Drop.

And now, pictures shot from the ground. The big news is that the fountain in the center of the plaza is now ready, but when Max shot the panoramic picture below - click to enlarge it - it was not yet the case.

But on these next pictures shot a few days later you'll see it almost fully finished!

Note the sculpture of Remy on the base...

And new pictures shot last Thursday...

Next is about the big Ratatouille sign at the entrance of the attraction. Almost everyone thought that the sign is too big and pretty ugly. Good news, as thanks God, last tuesday the sign was dismantled as it seems that even DLP execs understood that it was a big mistake. It is supposed to be replaced by a sign less big and hopefully without the very ugly huge and flat cooking pot.


Now, with the sign removed, waiting for a new one:

They did the same over the Fast Pass sign as the text "L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Remy" was not clearly visible because of the choice of colors. My advice: get rid of this unbelievably long title!

On the other hand, the "toilets" sign is now in place...

And on these warning signs below is written: "Join Remy in a 3D cooking adventure for all the family in the world of Ratatouille and be prepared to whirl forward or even backward! Children must be watched at all time".

Good news, there will be an access for single riders!

Lampposts are now all in place and workers have finished to put the cobblestones on the ground.

But on these new pictures shot one week later, you'll note that two new lampposts appeared near the ride entrance.

Behind, the covered market facade decor - which will hide the previous Costuming building behind - is still in the works.

On the facades curtains are now all in place behind almost each window...

Works are also still going on on the future merchandise shop...

The street going from the entrance of Toy Story Playland to the Ratatouille area is now almost completely finished, here too including curtains behind some of the windows.

And below, others pictures shot last thursday.

I have to say that i'm extremely impressed by the quality of the theming. Being a parisian myself i can tell you that they did an amazing work to recreate a Paris quarter and for sure WDS guests will be amazed, whether they will be french or foreigners. So, congrats to all workers and DLP imagineers, really!

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Pictures: copyright Max Fan - DLPWelcome


Jones said...

What the heck is going on at WDI? Of 100 people randomly chosen on the street, exactly 100 would have told them that there is a huge problem with the signs - and there was *nobody* at WDI who saw the problem? Or do they somehowhave to get rid of the 200 million?

tobias said...

I´m so happy and thankful that they got rid of the original concept they had at the beginning: Putting all the attractions in industrial looking huge buildings reminding of Movie-Studios. Guess how the Raratouille-Experience would be if the ride would have been placed in a big "Hangar" (like Crush, Aersosmith) WITHOUT all that beautiful hiding theming infront of it!

Zarniwoop said...

Doesn't anyone else find the trees behind Gusteau- sign too tall? Since the beginning of the construction I've been following are they going to do anything for this issue... for me it is killing the forced perspective effect and makes the buildings look just miniature theatre facades...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to simple names: Peter Pan's Flight. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. The Matterhorn. 'nuf said. Why not, "Remy's Adventure"? Or "Remy's Kitchen Adventure"? Simple enough, no?

Very happy to see the Six Flags sign taken down. I don't know why in the last 10 years WDI has decided that GIANT SIGNS are needed for attractions. They used to hide them within the design of the show. A giant show building is really enough to say, "hey, there's something fun here." My favorite needless sign: the giant Pirates of the Caribbean faux mast and sail they added to WDW. Guests never had a problem finding the attraction, and the mast doesn't make any sense in the plaza which is nowhere near water. Around the same time, they took out all the beautiful fountains that added a sense of place, sound and motion to Caribbean Plaza. Good news they have fixed the mistake here.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The area looks really nice, I can't wait to ride this attraction in September!