Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Artwork for London Paramount Park Project !

We've got two new renderings plus the park logo for the always going on London Paramount project: "London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) is bringing forward plans for London Paramount, a world-class entertainment resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula.
The resort will include an entertainment street, water park, theme park, events space, sporting facilities, creative space, service buildings and staff training academy, as well as approximately 5,000 hotel rooms alongside a wealth of improvements to the transport infrastructure including a monorail linking Ebbsfleet International Station with the resort."
Above: London Paramount park entrance.
From "Further details on the £2billion London Paramount park in north Kent have been unveiled ahead of the first round of public consultations on the ambitious project.
And one of the senior executives behind the scheme say the meetings will bring “some of the fizz” for what it intends will ultimately become Europe’s best entertainment destination.
The project, which has a licence to use well known branding from movies emerging from the Paramount studios in the US, is promising to create 27,000 local jobs - some 17,000 directly - in a major development to be build on the site of a former cement works on the Swanscombe Peninsula, close to Ebbsfleet.
Comprising a major theme park, entertainment complex and 5,000 hotel rooms, plus exhibition arenas, the project will rival Disneyland Paris in terms of size and number of visitors.
And in the coming weeks, the public will get the chance to finally get a peek at some of the plans.
The working logo has also been unveiled this week (pictured).
Above: what looks to be the "Tomorrowland" section fo the park, with Star Trek attractions.

Initial public meetings earlier this year - designed to identify how local residents wanted to be consulted going forward, attracted more than 2,000 visitors.
Now a series of events are going to take place as pace picks up ahead of submission of a planning application next August.
If all goes to plan, the park should be open by Easter 2020 - slightly later than originally planned, but in order to ensure the planning process has sufficient time to meet required guidelines.
It was the first project to be designated a ‘Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project’ by the Government, which means the decision over its progress is made directly by the secretary of state rather than through traditional local channels.
However, the company behind London Paramount - London Resort Company Holdings - says this means it has to have an even more thorough consultation process and needs those living near the site to engage in the process."

Above, the land on which the Paramount Resort and Park is envisioned to be built.

Pictures: copyright London resort company Holdings, Paramount Parks


Unknown said...

Since when has Kent been classed as London? Suppose if Southend airport can throw a London in there why not this park.

Unknown said...

I hope the climate change deniers are right otherwise this park will be underwater before its even opened.