Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Watch How Disneyland Paris Frontierland Rivers of the Far West Geysers Looked 17 Years Ago... and How They Should Look Now if DLP Had Done the Right Maintenance

As you know, here on Disney and more we do our best to alert Disneyland Paris fans on the terrible condition of Frontierland Geysers, the main show element of the Rivers of the Far West, in the hope that the park will finally do the right thing. The geysers are not working since so many years that some of you probably have never seen them in action or don’t remember anymore how the geysers « show » looked in the early years of the park. 

Thanks to some 1997 footage you will see on this 2 minutes only video how the geysers of Disneyland Paris Frontierland Rivers of the Far West looked at that time and SHOULD look right now if the park had done the maintenance job correctly. Instead, the geysers are not working anymore since years and guests sailing on the Molly Brown can see them in the worst possible condition, a real embarrassing shame for the park. Ask DLP to restore the geysers of Rivers of the Far West!

The video sequence is coming from a wonderful Christmas 1997 one hour home movie posted by Kris Van de Sande that i strongly suggest you to watch HERE as it shows the entire park, back almost 20 years ago.

Here is the short video, please watch it full screen!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alain,
Excuse the pun, but keep the pressure on DLP to fix this park! I like to live on the positive side of life but Disneyland Paris is in need of a lot of investment. After visiting here recently (after 10 years) some parts are looking very tired. It is still a wonderful park, but elements like these geysers add to the kinetic energy of the park and it sorely needs this. I hope the changes in your recent blog regarding the updates, new rides etc. coming to DLP happen, as I would love to visit here more regularly from the UK, but can't justify the price in it's current condition. Also, the cast members get a lot of stick, but if they have a park they are proud of surely that would improve. As a separate point of reference, we were in the stretching room in the Haunted Mansion and a cast member came crashing through the emergency door, flooding the room with light (as it was stretching!) and continued to chat to her colleague with little care for completely ruining the setting. Sad. And the show scenes on the ride where totally hidden in darkness... anyway, I digress...

Keep up the excellent posts... anything more from Shanghai? Curious about the TRON ride!!! :)

Anonymous said...

En meme temps, ils n'ont plus de fric pour la moindre attractions alors je pense que la priorité n'est pas de réparer deux jets d'eau et trois canons à fumée

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The video of the geysers nowadays look like footage from an abandoned park; river country probably look like this.

That's a real shame for a Disney park!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alain,
I forward every article you post about the bad state of certain DLP areas to the Shareholder Bureau. I hope that executives are made aware of this. How long were these areas neglected now? It's really a shame because we have the most wonderful Magic Kingdom in the world - management has to finally react!

Best regards!