Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Farewell Post...

New Disney and more updates are now over - the last article was about Disneyland Paris future and you'll find it below - and as promised here is a "Farewell post" in which i'll try to answer some questions that you'd like to ask me. And, as there has never been an article on Disney and more without pictures i add to this farewell post a selection of photos that i''ve personally shot at Disneyland Paris last September. Just for the fun i tried that day to shoot some of the pictures on a different angle than we usually do either to have simply a different frame or to bring a bit of strangeness and have some of them not instantly recognizable, although it won't take long to you to identify from where i've shot these pics. Okay, let's go for the questions and answers!

Will i come back posting on D&M? : Frankly, the honest answer is : i don't know. Simply because no one knows what the future is made of, but we know that he generally brings surprises. That said, I’m incredibly exhausted and it is almost a matter of life or death for me to stop posting each day. As usual when i do something i invest myself « body and soul » at 100%, and if you add that there was also a lot of invisible « wizardry » in D&M and that wizardry always eats a lot of energy then you’ll know that it’s time for me to take a looong break. But i don’t know if i will resist to do special posts when something really "big" will be announced like a Star Wars or Marvel lands, for instance. I may do also something about Shanghaî Disneyland as i own quite a lot of good domain names about SDL and it’ll be a pity to don’t use them…  :-)  But a new article each day as i did the last seven years is absolutely out of question. Anyway, do not delete Disney and more from your bookmarks now as, who knows, you might need the link again in the future...

Will all Disney and more websites be shut down? : Certainly not, all D&M sites will remain open, they are a gold mine of pictures, artworks and informations and it will be a shame to close them. 

Will i stop posting on Facebook? : During the next weeks, most probably. I may post again on Facebook but may be not as many daily posts as i used to do. Keep looking anyway on the D&M Facebook page from time to time.

Will i post new articles on the others D&M sites? : This i may do, as i still have pictures for instance of Tom Scherman that i must post on the Tom Scherman website, or it might be interesting posts about new technologies on my Innoventions Blog, or anything related to Star Wars on my Star Tours website. You'll find the links to all these websites by scrolling down on the right column of D&M.

Do i have Disney related books projects? : Well, it's a question everyone is asking me since the Disneyland Paris book was published 13 years ago and there is no doubt that i'd like to do others books. But "IF" i do new ones it'll be a different kind of books, not necessarily related to Imagineering but it'll be gorgeous books anyway, the kind of books you can't live without them! I promise to let you know if it becomes real.

What will i do now? : Well, i have several projects - not related to Disney or even theme parks - that i really want to do, most of them "pictorial" books projects, and either it will be printed books or eBooks but they're gonna take me sometime and i'm afraid i also will have to learn to use new softwares to create them which will take additional time, too. I also have plenty of rushes i've filmed around the world the last ten years that i really want to edit. And not to mention some documentaries about David Lean movies as i am a big David Lean specialist.

How do we do without you? : C'mon, there is plenty of good websites about Disney theme parks on the web! But here are the ones i suggest you to check each day to make sure you don't miss anything. If you check all these daily, you'll do exactly what i was doing to be sure i didn't missed any precious infos: First, check daily the choice of good articles links that Lance is posting on Screamscape, i've always learned a lot about new projects that i didn't knew thanks to him. Of course, also check the great articles that our good friends on Mice Age are posting, and especially don't miss their Tuesday update when they talk about DL and DCA future. Then, go each day on Disney News Central, the best way to find easily what are the new posts on a selection of the best sites related to Disney or Universal. But there is a price to pay: you must not be lazy to scroll down the Disney News Central page! Check also ThemeparX on which are posted each day or so new pics of all theme parks projects in development. 

About Disneyland Paris: You have a list of DLP related websites on the right column of Disney News Central but check regularly DLPWelcome where Max is posting his great DLP pictorial updates that you've seen on Disney and more. Max will continue to post at least two or three times per month great pictures about what's happening out there. Also make sure to check Hello Disneyland!, the site of Maureen who did the great pictorial updates you saw recently on D&M as she will have more gorgeous pictures of the parks for you. Always about DLP, the Disney Central Plaza and ED92 forums will bring you fresh infos about DLP projects whether it is in their forums or on their Facebook pages. And there is of course plenty of others websites and forums about DLP in each European countries, so make sure to check the ones of the country you live in.

And about anything else non Disney related, whether it is about movies, artworks, etc... i'm going to reveal you my source, the one i was keeping secret and that other sites i'm sure were wondering about - "where does he find all this?" - : it's Geek Tyrant, a great site talking  about anything geek whether it is movies, collectibles, artworks, etc... and Joey post almost instantly when the news are released. Most of the Disney Princesses artworks posted on D&M or on the D&M Facebook page, for instance, were found there. So make sure to check Geek Tyrant each day as you'll find always something interesting, even if it's not about Disney. 

Will the Disneyland Paris book remain available? : Yes, but as long as there will be copies available, of course. So far, there is still copies available whether it's the new regular and updated english edition or the french collector edition, so if you don't own it yet you can order the book. It's also the best way to find back the Disney and more "spirit" if you miss it as not only the book talks about Imagineering but it also include 750 pictures of the park and among them 250 fantastic WDI artworks. Check on the book website HERE to learn more and order this beautiful book!

Well, i think i did not forget any question but if it's the case feel free to ask me in the comments! And, most of all, i want to thank you "from the bottom of my heart" - as good old' Sammy Davis Jr would have say - for your fantastic support all along these years, Disney and more wouldn't have been the same without you, really!

Love to everyone.


Pictures : copyright Alain Littaye - Disney and more

All pictures were shot with the Sony RX 100 M3, an amazing 20 MP professional compact camera that, once again, i highly recommend to each of you.


krikkentor said...

Emotional moment for me also. I've been reading your blog since 2009. I rarely left a comment. But Boy, your blog was amazing!

w'll miss you!

thanks Alain,

K. Martinez said...

Thank you, Alain. It was a wonderful ride. I wish you all the success in your future projects.

Bob said...

Merci Alain!

Hope you enjoy some well deserved time off. You'll ALWAYS be welcome to pop back on our news feeds whenever the mood strikes!

Disneyland Paris Treasures said...

Dear Alain,

This news completely saddens me but I do wish you all the best with your future endeavours!!

I've been an avid reader of the Disney and more blog for many years now and for me checking your blog for updates and new articles was a daily ritual and I will miss it dearly.

Thank you ever so much for all the wonderful articles you posted for us over the years!! To be honest, it were your great Imagineering articles - like your Grand Interview with WDI Imagineer Pat Burke or the Grand Tribute to Tim Delaney - that inspired me to start my own little blog and humbly strive to follow your footsteps, in a much smaller way of course.

Take care and best of luck! - Nicolai

Disneyland Paris Treasures

Thorsten said...

Dear Alain,

let me be the first to say thank you so much for your work and informations.

My English is not good enough to tell you everything i want to.

Each day your blog was one of the first internet sites I´ve visited.

I wish you all the best for the future and maybe and hopefuly we will see you again because there will be no other blog ever comparing to yours.

Take care my friend !

With a tear in my eyes: All the best from Germany


Mike said...

Thank you for all that you have done!


Orlando, FL

Gnometrek said...

Many many thanks for hour after hour of entertainment. You have had the very best site for enjoying and understanding all thing Disney. Have a well earned rest.

Etienne said...

Merci pour ce fabuleux site et pour tout ces merveilleux articles que j'ai dévoré. Bonne continuation Alain !

Anonymous said...

Dear Alain,

Thank you so much for all the great articles you've posted for the last seven years. I really appreciate it.

Take care.


Tom said...

One of my favourite websites. Well done on an excellent blog, and I hope we see the occasional special article when you are able to.
We will all miss it!

Anonymous said...

Je Suis Alain.
Je Suis Disney and More.

Thanks for the hard work, a long break well deserved.

Unknown said...

Thank you Alain for your dedication and hard work. I've enjoyed every post! Good luck with your future projects and take care!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Alain for the great site, and the dedication and hard work you've put into it. Wishing you the best future as you recharge and refocus your creative energies.
-Eric W.

SirEdge said...

Dear Alain,

Sometime poster, frequent visitor, I was greatly saddened today to read that this is the end of Disney and More.

I have already known the sadness that is a day without Disney and More. Whenever I'd go to China for two months at a time, Blogspot would be one those sites blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

True I'd use a VPN or any other similar service, but it's a pain to not readily receive your updates - which span the globe.

One of the things I'd do when I'd go home back to Manila is savor my easy access to Disney and More.

Thank you for the gift your generosity with your time, energy, and talents.


Manila, Philippines

Anonymous said...

Alain, thanks for bringing the magic of Disneyland Paris in our homes every day! Your blog was (and is) not just a source of dry information but a live breathing connection to the one place dearest to my heart! I fully understand an artist's need to try his hand at different things, so I wish you the best in all your future endeavours! All the best!
Timos Halkias, Greece

Anonymous said...

Thank you very, very much for all the great content you have posted!!!!

Carsten said...

Hi Alain.

You're the best. Thanks for hours and hours of good times reading the stories on your website.

Truly amazing website. It will remain bookmarked og checked often :-)

Greetings from Denmark :-)


Anonymous said...

Dear Alain,

sad news indeed that "Disney & More" won't be continued in the way I learned to love over the last years. A big "Thank you" for all that effort that went into that from your side. "Disney & More" was one of my favourite spots to visit at the intertubes. But I can perfectly understand your decision. Beautiful things have a beginning and an end and it is the same with your wonderful blog. So thanks again, good luck with your future Projects, all the best and take care...

Winfried from Cologne

Rodolphe G said...

Hi D&M,

Thank you for what you've done all of these year.
All your daily and really completed/detailed news were so interesting and helpful.

I am working in theme park industry and what i can tel is : every project managers, creatives, Imagineers... are all following you everyday.

You can be proud and we are all so sad that you stop quit.

so... Thank you. Goodbye Farewell!


Chris Mayhew said...

Good job Alain! I've loved your website for years and greatly treasure the signed DLP book I got from you about 5 years ago. Still the best I've bought.

Hope you enjoy your next adventure, but I have no doubt we'll see you back here in the future! ;)

Au revoir et merci!
Chris M

Robert/Cologne said...

Missing you already .
You say there are lots of other options but although you can find enough about Disney you did the best job
I always felt "at Home " here .
Enjoy your new adventures

Unknown said...

Thanks Alain for your wonderful blog. I am lucky enough to own both a French limited edition and English copy of Sketch to reality (my favourite book) and an invitation to the opening in 92 which I purchased from you, which is now part of my ever expanding collection of DLP ephemera! Have a good rest and we look forward to any future posts, blogs or books you may write - à bientôt!

Xavier said...

Hi Alain !

I enjoy you website as musch as your book*. Thank you really much, i mean it, for all your hard work over the year.

I wish you all the best for you & your pet projects. Take care & enjoy life as well.

* Tokyo Disney Sea would be a great idea for a new book porject, as this masterpeice park is so popular through out the theme park fans around the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alain,
I wish you all the best! Thank you for your great blog. It was a pleasure reading all the articles and your wonderfull Disneyland Paris book, which I still enjoy every evening.
Best regards,

John said...


Thank you for all your information! I loved your blog and im sad to see you leaving.

Greetings from Holland

Barry Winkless said...

Thank you sincerely for a fantastic blog- easily one of the best
I will miss my go to site for all things Disney
I wish you greetings from Ireland and success on whatever road you thread

Anonymous said...

Dear Alain,

Thank you for the best ride in my life.

Wishing you the best for every path that you will take from now on.

À bientôt, j'espère,


Roberto Canovi said...

Thanks a lot Alain by the team of the italian online magazine We always appreciate your great work. We will miss you!