Monday, January 12, 2015

Disney Characters Into The Real World - Pictures by Harry McNally

Harry McNally is a photographer and he's the one who created this pictures series called "Moments Like This," where he superimposes Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan and other Disney favorites on to B&W 35mm photographs... of the real world which, as we know, is not precisely looking like Disneyland.

Thanks to Harry we get to see Snow White at the pharmacy,  an Alice out of Wonderland but still having to choose a way out, a depressed Cinderella in the subway, Peter Pan waiting for his appointment with a psychiatrist, Jasmine desperately alone in a night-club, Ariel now human and not happy to live in an apartment the size of a closet, Robin Hood close to steal someone asleep,  a little Gus slumped over, inebriated, and more including Mickey, above. Poor Disney characters who learn how real life is not a fantasy world!

Pictures: copyright Harry McNally

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Bekah Walsh said...

hilarious! especially the last one.