Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Amazing Disneyland Paris Fish-Eye Lens Pictures by Maureen

As announced previously i will stop posting on Disney and more and this is the penultimate article. There will be one more great article tomorrow, but today i have for you a great pictorial article!

I love shooting pictures with a wide angle, a 24mmm being my favorite. In fact, the wider it is, the most i like it. So, when i saw these fantastic pics of Disneyland Paris shot by Maureen from Hello Disneyland website two years ago with a fish-eye lens i instantly loved them. Shooting with a fish-eye lens is a not-so-easy exercise because, of course, of the deformation created by this hyper wide angle. But Maureen did a wonderful job, using the fish-eye deformation to create amazing pics of DLP. Hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as i did, and i'll meet you tomorrow for D&M very last article which will tell you all about DLP future, a last article that for sure you don't want to miss!

These were just a selection from Maureen's pics and there is many pore fish-eye pictures to discover on Maureen's Hello Disneyland website right HERE, don't miss them!

Pictures: copyright Maureen - Hello Disneyland

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Javier Echarri said...

We'll miss all the good articles you share with us, Alan.

Good luck with your projects