Monday, December 7, 2015

Editor's Note: Disney and more updates should be back this Tuesday night as i should have a better WIFI connection than the terrible one i had all the week-end... In the meantime an interesting bit of info coming from DCP forum member Vinc who claim to have an info from a reliable source saying that Shanghaî Disneyland opening is planned for a specific date in June ...but others sources keep saying that they still doubt the park can be ready for that date.
That said, June is what i would have bet on without any source as the weathers good at that time. But i think honestly that they probably don’t even know it for sure, they’re just trying to be ready for a specific day in June because it is a date in Chinese symbolism supposed to bring luck and happiness…

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Brian said...

My benchmark continues to be the Seven Dwarf mine train, which opened in May 2014. If you pull up some construction photos from December 2013 and very carefully scrutinize the drone video ( I think it actually looks ahead, or at least comparable to that benchmark.

I see way more foliage and landscaping around the ride and the cottage looks on par to what the WDW version had this far out from opening.

June sounds perfectly reasonable for that reason. Really most things look fairly complete at this point, I already see lighting poles up and tons of trees have popped up in the last number of months. That's generally something reserved for the home stretch.