Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Shanghai Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle Update

A short Shanghaî Disneyland update as the SDL site released two high-res digital renderings for Enchanted Storybook Castle, the first one showing the castle interior courtyard...

...and the next one is showing the restaurant, also inside the castle. Others elements show a video of the Bobiddi Boo make-up boutique but it's a video shot in the U.S , so nothing special.

As we're talking about the castle, i add this new picture shot on site and posted on Chinese social medias sites.

More Shanghaî Disneyland updates coming soon!

Pictures: copyright Disney - Shendi


Ed said...

I'm pretty sure the interior picture is from Cinderella's castle in Florida. You can see the carousel through the window.

Unknown said...

The "banquet hall" looks to be an exact replica of the one in florida, which is beautiful, but way too small! It's almost impossible to get reservations in florida, I'm hoping shanghai is bigger or else I'll never get in!!!