Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hong Kong Disneyland Opens Charming Fairy Tale Forest at Fantasyland - Full report With Pictures and Video !

It's not every day that we have the opening of a new Disney attraction, especially in winter time, but starting tomorrow Hong Kong Disneyland Fairy Tale Forest - presented by PANDORA - will have its soft opening for HKDL Magic Access members starting tomorrow Friday Dec 11 until Dec 14, and the attraction will be open for everyone starting December 17. Plenty of pictures and even a first video await you below!

Here is the official HKDL release: "From December 17, guests will be able to take a walk through the enchanting “Fairy Tale Forest” at Fantasyland. Along with Tinker Bell, guests can step into the fairy-sized world of Pixie Hollow and journey through oversized topiary mushrooms and clovers while re-living the iconic scenes from five of Disney’s classic Princess stories – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Cinderella,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled.”

“Since its conceptualization, we have spent over two years to build the ‘Fairy Tale Forest’,” said Kelly Willis, Director of Creative Development and Show Quality, Walt Disney Imagineering. “It is an intricately designed maze set in a beautiful garden, presenting charming scenes and music from five cherished fairytales. This whimsical new attraction is bound to give guests more opportunities to create magical memories.”

HKDL guests enter Fairy Tale Forest by walking through an arch and then discover the beautiful landscaping of the entrance garden.

Five scenes of Disney’s classic Princess stories – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Cinderella,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled” awaits the visitors, plus a meet and greet with Tinkerbell at Pixie Hollow. For each scene there is a kind of "Story Book Land" miniature decor, plus an animated scene. Let's start with the one for Beauty and the Beast with Beast Castle upon its rock and Belle and the Beast dancing inside the castle.

The scene also include an animated "Be Our Guest" sequence.

Let's have a look now to the Snow White scene with an animated one with the dwarfs in the mine.

And a rolling mine wagon with Dopey.

Next, Cinderella Castle...

The scene with the Tangled tower, with day and night pictures.

...and the animated scene.

The Little Mermaid scene with Eric Castle...

King Triton castle...

...and more animated scenes, including one with Ariel and Eric....

Here is a short video showing the animated scene.

...and one with the "Under the Sea" sequence.

Here is a short video showing the animated scene.

There is more to see in Fairy Tale Forest with Pixie Hollow and Tinkerbell awaiting you!

A first video was uploaded on Youtube by Stella Yeung and although it doesn't show all the scenes i suggest that you have a look at it. The pictures above as good as they are don't show how charming Fairy Tale Forest is. Personally i like this new HKDL addition a lot. For sure, it's an attraction for young children and "girls" - the one for "boys" will come next year with Iron Man Experience - but i really find it charming and i'm sure it'll be successful with HKDL guests.

One new video posted by Disney Magical Kingdom showing all the animated scenes in details!

Pictures: copyright Disney, We Share, Disney Magical Kingdom Blog

Videos: copyright Stella Yeung, We Share


Unknown said...

So charming! I'm mad it wasn't ready when I went in march,as was iron man attraction. Guess I'll have to go back!

Anonymous said...

More pics in vids in this link!

Tom said...

Waw, this actually looks very good. I think most Chinese people will love it.

It looks like a walk trough version of our Storybook land cruise :)

Very nice, thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

You meant Hongkongers didn't you? This park is in Hong Kong not China.

Tom said...

Well, the Chinese people will love it too right, just as we Europeans do ;) And just as the people from Hong Kong ;)