Sunday, January 31, 2016

Interesting Poll About Shanghaî Disneyland

Shanghai Disney Resort will officially open and welcome its first guests on June 16. Shanghaî Daily did an interesting poll, asking their readers who plan to visit SDL, what do they concern the most about the future park? Multiple choices were possible for the answer, and above are the results.
Also, read the comments on Shanghaî Daily poll page HERE.

In the above poll by Shanghai Daily we also see that 26% of the people worry about the potential misbehavior of other visitors. Their skepticism signals that Shanghai Disneyland might not become the happiest place on earth if some guests don't behave correctly, and you can read the full article about this important point on whatsonweibo HERE.

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Le Parcorama said...

While these comments highlight concerns that are certainly real, these are certainly written by a minority of english speaking people working in Shanghai who read their news in English, like expats. Chinese people from China probably don't share these concerns and behave like people behave in China.