Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Weekend Update !

Here we go for the ShanghaI Disneyland weekend update! Plenty of pictures for you but we'll start by the park ticket prices for both peak and usual days, which will cost 499 yuan (almost US$75.85) and 370 yuan (almost US$56.24) respectively. Advance booking of tickets will start from Mar. 28 ahead of its grand opening in mid June.

The peak days include its multi-day opening celebration from Jun. 16 to 30, Chinese holidays, weekends and the summer break.

The amusement park will provide special offers for children (between 1 to 1.4 meters tall), the elderly (over 65 years old) and the disabled, who will enjoy a 75 percent discount. Toddlers below one meter in height are free to enter the park.

As you understood the prices will be different depending of regular, peak or opening days prices, the picture below will help you to see a bit more clearly.

Here are the prices of others Disney parks around the world to help you to see the differences.

All tickets will be date-specific and valid for admission only for the date purchased.

Following the grand opening period, regular price of admission to the theme park is set at 370 RMB. Peak pricing for high-demand dates, including designated holidays, summer holidays and weekends, is set at 499 RMB. Special pricing will be provided to many guests. Children (1.4M and below), seniors (65 years old and above) and guests with disabilities will receive discounts of 25%. Infants (1.0M and below) receive free admission. A two-day ticket will be available at a 5% discount.

Pricing is based on in-depth market research and analysis conducted with a wide range of Chinese consumers, industry experts and local regulators. Shanghai Disneyland’s two-tiered pricing and date-specific tickets will allow the park to manage the extraordinary anticipated demand for the innovative attractions and premium entertainment at the newest Disney destination, putting choices in the hands of guests while at the same time delivering an exceptional experience.

On March 28, 2016, guests can obtain information and purchase tickets through several official channels. To ensure access to park facilities, guests should only purchase tickets from these authorized official channels:

1. The newly updated website of Shanghai Disney Resort,
2. The Shanghai Disney Resort Reservation Center at 400-180-0000 or 86-21-31580000
3. Official travel partners listed at

Other authorized official channels, including Shanghai Disney Resort’s official mobile app and onsite ticket sales at the resort will be available at a date to be announced soon.

The picture at the top is supposed has been shot this week and shows SDL castle as seen from the back.
Let's have a look now at some new park pictures posted on Chinese media sites, starting by this picture of SDL Mickey Avenue showing buildings freshly painted and looking nice!

The next pic shows obviously a pirate from Treasure Cove and probably may be from the POTC ride!

The next picture are showing works in Adventure Isle on Roaring rapids raft ride - you can see the lift on the right.

No Disney theme park without geysers!

Let's move to Fantasyland to have a look at the different buildings

The next picture shows the Tangled tavern.


And what about the castle, you ask? Here are the latest pics!


Blue Frog restaurant bar will be settled in Shanghaî Disneyland DisneyTown next to the Walt Disney Theatre.

"Western-style casual dining experts "Blue Frog restaurant bar" confirmed that a Blue Frog restaurant will be settled in Shanghai Disney Resort's shopping dining and entertainment district. The Blue Frog restaurant bar will open at Disney's town Broadway next to the Walt Disney Theatre, offering visitors a variety of dining options. It will be integrated in all other aspects of the Disney classic decor and menu design elements, with the introduction of North American style dishes and creative drinks, family dinners, friends and romantic date with the most perfect dining experience . Disney enduring "Sharing Family Entertainment" concept will also be here to get the perfect embodiment."

As China's rapidly growing Western-style casual dining chain, Blue Frog restaurant bar have opened in more than 24 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuxi, Chengdu and other major cities.

On the picture below showing SDL Disney Town the part of itwith a blue square shows where the Blue Frog will be most probably located.

 Let's have a look now at the Shanghaî Disneyland hotel, starting my these plans indicating the different wings and rooms.

    More pictures from shots from the outside and entrance.


And here are shots of the inside, the first one showing the columns of the lobby that you've seen previously in the rendering.                 




Pictures of the room also designed in Art Nouveau style... Kids will sleep in company of Mickey thanks to the mural hidden behind the kids bed.


And a last pic showing the view on the park from Shanghaî Disneyland hotel!

See you soon for a new SDL update and have a great weekend!

Pictures, copyright Disney - Shendi, Blue Frog, DR


Anonymous said...

I gotta say I'm not a big fan of "Mickey Avenue." To me, it lacks a unified theme, too many architectural styles are mixed. Plus, the comic book style lacks the classiness and 'coolness' of the original "Mainstream USA."

I understand why they decided to build a different entrance in China; I just think that "Mickey Avenue" wasn't the right choice.

Otherwise, I can't wait for this incredible park to open!

Unknown said...

Looks amazing ,think I may look into hotel prices

Xavier said...

It's incredible that Tokyo provide the best Disney experience for the cheapest ticket !!!
Unfortunately maybe it kind of allow them the brand new price increase (¥6,900 to ¥7,400)...

I love the Art Nouveau design of rooms of the SHD Hotel.
Quite a smart choice : it was created in Europe in reaction of the industrialisation. With the giant poluted Shangai city is looks like a fiting move.

As much as I love the Disney Cruise ships. I don't understand why they make the cruise ship design creep into the new & refurbished disney hotels worldwide. I'm not convinced bu this lobby for example...