Monday, February 8, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland Explorers Lodge Hotel Update

Hong Kong Disneyland new hotel - the Explorers Lodge - is scheduled to open in 2017 and it's been a while since we had a look at what's happening on the construction site. Thanks to Google Maps we can see that the main buildings of the hotel are built - although plenty remain to be done and it'll take them at least one year to complete. On the picture below the hotel on the left is the Hollywood Hotel.

The Explorers Lodge is located on the right of HKDL Hollywood Hotel - the one on the top left - and on the left of the HKDL Hotel. It will be also right behind Mystic Point and the other picture below show you more about all this. 

As it happen often for Disney's hotels the Disney Explorers' Lodge has a background story and in this case it's an "explorers" background story: in 1920 four explorers built together 
the hotel, to show the crafts and collected specimens they've bring back from around the world.

Dedicated to the spirit of exploration, Disney Explorers Lodge will invite HKDL guests to leave the everyday world behind and enter into a new world full of discovery, nature and exotic cultures. The hotel will feature four distinct gardens based on exotic cultures from around the globe, along with new themed restaurants, a shop and a large outdoor swimming pool.

I remind you that the hotel will be divided into four "regions", which will include the African savannah, the tropical rain forests of South America, the Pacific Islands, and Asia. Each region will also have a link with different Disney characters like the Africa area where there is the story of The Lion King baboon, the South America zone with the Guyun birds, the Pacific Islands with Finding Nemo Turtle, the Jungle Book baby elephant for Asia, etc... Four new renderings showing each of these areas have been released today.

Finally, if some of you find in the hotel design some reminiscences of the Animal Kingdom Lodge it's may be not a coincidence as it seems that this new Disney Explorers Lodge will borrow part of his architecture to Animal Kingdom's beloved hotel, and probably also a bit to the Hawaii Aulani Resort. And why not? The HKDL Disney Explorers Lodge looks promising and should have an exciting theming, and i can't wait for his opening in 2017!

Pictures: copyright Disney - HKDL

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