Thursday, February 11, 2016

Disney Wants to Use Drones to Project Images During Theme Parks Shows

We learned last month that Disney intend to use drones to create large Disney characters during night shows at WDW and Disneyland theme parks. Disney even filed with the Federal Aviation Administration indicating as many as 50 drones could be in the air at one time. But how WDI Imagineers intended to do with these drones and how was so far a mystery. A new patent application - see rendering above - discovered by Geek Wire provides a few more clues.
According to Geek Wire article: "The assembly will have the ability to project still photographs or video images, according to the application. The assembly contains a rear-projection screen that is a “sheet of porous material such as polypropylene mesh’ that will allow airflow through ” while also having adequate opaqueness to function as an RP screen.”
Also included is a wide angle reflector, such as a parabolic mirror, Disney said in its application. This is designed to reflect light from the projector onto the “rear surface of the rear-projection screen and this will generate a displayed image.”
Disney said the projection assembly “is configured to provide a way of radically expanding the palette of the aerial display” to include “all manner of imagery and effects.” In addition to “pure entertainment uses, Disney wrote the projection assembly has the potential to “open new frontiers for aerial advertising capabilities and for other applications such as rapid dissemination of emergency information to large numbers of people.”
In the first drone patent application, Disney inventors said “that presently there are no mechanisms for creating very large aerial displays, such as a display that is reusable/repeatable, dynamic, and interactive. To address that need, Disney’s R&D department is working to create a multi-drone aerial display system and a ground control station that could choreograph repeatable movements.”
Something pretty incredible could come out of Disney R&D with these drones so we'll keep an eye on this, okay?


Brandon Piazza said...

This sounds like a great idea! But Disneyland is one of the very few non governmental properties granted a no fly zone by US congress! So they will have to get special permission to fly their own aircraft overhead which mite be a challenge!

Anonymous said...

Hello, It could be something like this:
Knowing Disney they will make it even better.