Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Shanghaî Disneyland "Crystal Clear" Aerial Pictures !

We're back at Shanghaî Disneyland today with "crystal clear" aerial pictures of the park and resort, posted on Chinese websites. And we'll start the tour by the one above showing the Shanghaî Disneyland hotel. As you can see the garden in the front will be soon finished and the outside of the hotel itself is ready.

The great picture below shows almost everything, i.e the whole park, part of the lake, Disney Town, the buses parking lot and even the Toy Story hotel in the background on the top left.

Next aerial picture shows the Lakeshore building near the lake with a perfect vertical shot.

The picture below is another perfectly vertical shot over Disney Town.

Even the bus and taxis parking lot near Disney Town looks great on the picture below!

Of course you're awaiting a closer aerial shot of the park only, and here it is. Interesting one showing that works on the Gardens of Imagination - SDL "Central Plaza" in front of the castle are going on and everything should be ready in four months.

And that's it for today SDL aerial shots - not a lot for once, i agree, but these were great ones and shots with a better light than all the others we saw previously!

Pictures: copyright news.cn


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures! And the park is really coming together. Yet, I still can't believe that the park will open in June already.

Anonymous said...

Great posts as usual, thank you!