Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why an Atlantis Resort Next Door to Disney's Aulani in Hawaii is no Joke for Disney if it Happen

You may have read on the D&M Facebook page as well as on DBM News that an Atlantis Resort is planned to be build in Hawaii Ko Olina, on the same beach than Disney's Aulani and and i have more infos about this for you. The info is coming from Hawaii News who said:

"Atlantis Resorts is finalizing a deal to build one of its famous ocean-themed resorts in Ko Olina, which could be the most expensive resort ever built, sources said.

The project has been in the works for more than a decade and was announced with much fanfare in 2005, but stalled since then.

Atlantis Resorts company is working out the final details of a deal to build the resort on a 15-acre parcel of land on the Diamond Head side of Disney's Aulani Resort, sources said.

Above and on top: the Atlantis Resort in Dubai.

People familiar with the project said the amenities there will be similar to Atlantis' The Palm resort in Dubai, with a huge interactive aquarium as well as some hotel rooms with an aquarium view, a dolphin encounter and a shark habitat. There will be a mix of hotel, condo and timeshare units, sources said.

One source said it could be the most expensive resort ever built, with a price tag of more than $2 billion."

Well, two Billion is certainly a huge amount of money and there is no doubt they can build something great with that, but the biggest danger for Disney's Aulani is coming from the land where it will be built as it is located right next door to Disney's hotel - see screen captures below - and i have the feeling that the Mouse is not going to like it...

Below a picture of the model and plan as show a few years ago, so they may have changed.

Now, If this happen this new Atlantis Resort with its Shark Island, its Dolphin Encounter, and its awesome aquarium and water park will be a real competitor for the Aulani as the Atlantis resorts are truly luxurious. I still remember the one at the Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas, that i've visited shortly after its opening and it was the best themed aquarium i've ever seen - not to mention of course the huge quantity of fishes. We'll keep an eye on this to see if it happen and when it happen!

In the meantime if you've never been in an Atlantis Resort have a look at this promo video showing the one in the Bahamas, and open your eyes on the theming quality of the resort!

Pictures and Video : copyright Atlantis Resorts


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

Aulani won't be a competitor for Atlantis, because Atlantis is way better... Sorry, I've been to both Resorts (the Bahamas Atlantis) and, as much as I love Disney, there's no comparison between what Atlantis offers and what Aulani offers.

Sure, the Disney name is much stronger and has millions of fans, but if you compare what each Resort has to offer there's no doubt that Atlantis is much superior. The snorkel aquarium and the "water park"at Aulani is almost a joke compared to their counterparts in Atlantis, it's almost like comparing Disney World to parc Astérix.

I had a great time in Aulani though, it's a nice and charming "little" Resort, that combines a little of the Disney experience with hawaiian traditions, but Atlantis is something else...

thebluetarp said...

the piece of land next to Aulani is smaller. unless Atlantis is looking at purchasing the hotel next to it and the other parcel next to that. then you would be looking at an Atlantis size resort. but the tiny parcel as it stands is hardly big enough for an Atlantis resort.

Alain Littaye said...

Although the land is not probably as big as the land they have in the Bahamas, it don't really look "tiny" to me when i see the pictures. They'll probably have less room available for a big water park, though...