Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Update !

Let's start the week with a Shanghaî Disneyland article, would we? Bob Woodruff is correspondent for ABC News and is the one who did the interview of Bob Iger right at Shanghai Disneyland site last July. He posted on Instagram some amazing pics shot when he was there and these pictures gives for the first time an idea of the gigantic dimensions of Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle. In addition, i post the aerial picture above that i may have posted before but this one is in amazing quality.

Bob Woodruff is on the picture below, will you find him?

Yes, he's HERE:

Bob ( Woodruff ) and Bob ( Iger ) during the shooting of the interview at Shanghaî Disneyland site.

If you've never watched the interview, here it is!

While we are in Shanghaî three more infos: first, it was announced this morning: Shanghai launches emergency plans for Shanghai Disneyland park:

"Shanghai authorities have launched a series of emergency plans to manage the expected massive flow of visitors at Shanghai Disney. The emergency plans are expected to cover areas including crowd control procedures, rapid transit system and shuttle services, extreme weather scenarios, and other public security issues.

Zhou Xianqiang is an official from the Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone Administration Committee: "We have a general contingency plan in place, which centers on the control of big crowds, and we will also have a specific plan for crowd control. Along with that, we will carry out emergency drills based on what is actually needed to ensure good management."

The city will also add more subway trains on Line 11 upon the official opening of the new Disney park and traffic hours will be extended. Shanghai Disney Park in the city's Pudong District, will officially open on June 16, and is expected to host around 10 million visitors a year."

Another SDL news, and not a good one this time as Shanghaî Disneyland may face fireworks ban on polluted days...

"Fireworks are an important attraction for visitors to Disneyland, but the mega park set to open in Shanghai will have to comply with firework bans on polluted days.

An official from the city's fire department said all firework shows will be prohibited without exception when the air quality index is above 201. It was added that Shanghai has a licensing system that bans large-scale firework shows without approval.

Fan Xiping, chairman of Shanghai Shendi Group, Chinese partner of Walt Disney Co, said the theme park is located outside the Shanghai outer ring, and is therefore not normally restricted by the firework ban. However, the park will minimize the effects of spectacular pyrotechnics on the local environment and use fireworks that are the most advanced and environmentally friendly."

The last info is about the tower now in place at the entrance of Shanghaî Disney Store. As you'll see on the video below it's more than a simple decor element and there is mechanims turning inside as well as light effects. But there is more and it's small figures of Disney, Pixar and Marvel characters - see picture above - which will move around probably every 15 minutes like the ones of the It's a Small World clock. In the video we can spot Snow White, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear  but also Iron Man, the Hulk, etc... 

See you soon for a new Shanghaî Disneyland update!

Pictures: copyright Bob Woodruff

Videos: copyright ABC, George Tzeng

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Xavier said...

That's the mother of all castle indeed ! :-o
We knew it's was big but maybe not that massive. Can such a HUGE castle be magical ?

It would be interesting to have a size chart of all Disney Castle around the world...