Monday, February 29, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Pictorial Update !

We'll start the week just like ended the previous one, with a short Shanghaî Disneyland update, this time with pictures shot "from the ground", found here and there on social medias. Please also note that i've added a Shanghaî Disneyland opening countdown widget on the top of the right column, so now you'll know exactly how many days are left before the main event!

When you'll go at Shanghaî Disneyland, before you enter the park, even before you purchase your ticket, the first thing you'll see is the Steamboat Mickey fountain, a tribute to the original Mickey Mouse: "The Steamboat “Mickey” fountain premieres at Shanghai Disneyland, in tribute to the 1928 animated film created by Walt Disney to introduce Mickey Mouse to the world. The fountain is a modern spin on the film, using a more current version of Mickey than Walt’s original. The fountain is at the park entrance, leading into Mickey Avenue". And here is the very first picture we have of it!

The next picture was shot from the top of the castle and you can see the Alice in Wonderland maze on the left and on the top right a bit of Treasure Cove. Note the castle gargoyle on the foreground.

The next picture shows the Tangled Tree Tavern in Fantasyland, a place where you'll be able according to SDL website to "let your hair down for hearty fare at a tavern inspired by the Snuggly Duckling from Disney’s Tangled—with roasted chicken, fish & chips, Mongolian-style beef and other hot dishes. Desserts, sides and vegetarian options are also available".

Here is the Snuggly Duckling tavern as it appears in the animated film...

And here is picture of it at SDL Fantasyland with a close-up on a WDI rendering, too.

We've got more pictures too of others Fantasyland buildings still waiting their final touches, and among them the Bibbidi Bobbed Boutique of Merlin ( bottom left ) and even a rest-rooms building ( top right ).

We will end with these new pictures of SDL Enchanted Storybook Castle, may be finally this grey color on the walls will be better than i thought...

See you soon for a new Shanghai Disneyland update!

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