Thursday, March 3, 2016

WDI Imagineers Tells Us More about the Making Of Shanghaî Disney Store Unique Clock Tower

Walt Disney Imagineering released a new video with Imagineers telling us more about the making of the Glockenspiel-style clock tower at the Shanghai Disney Store’s entry plaza which now greets guests with melodious bells and musical shows on the hour and half hour.

Picture and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think that the clock tower looks tacky. Its overall architecture and all those blinking lights and color aren't tasteful - at least to me. But maybe that's what you need to grab peoples' attention in busy cities like Shanghai.

Brandon Piazza said...

I have to disagree with you! There is a definite mixture of the euro/Asian aesthetics here that I agree is a bit gregarious but I think you have to look at in the context of Shanghai. Just like Caesars Palace Las Vegas would look out of place in Paris, I think it fits the distinct Chinese/ Disney look that the company is going for in the neighboring theme park! But I get it! I found it a bit odd at first look too!