Friday, March 4, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Week-End Update : New Aerial "Drone" Pictures, and more...

Here we go for the D&M Shanghaî Disneyland pictorial week-end update, with new pictures either aerial or shot from the ground. The drone pictures were shot February 25 from a drone, some may have a few weeks more but all are great!

Above and below, Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle still in construction. The aerial picture on the top is specially interesting as it shows the back side of SDL castle, something that we've rarely seen so far.

The SDL castle picture below was apparently shot on December 26.

And now, the new aerial shots of the week found on Chinese website or Gizmodo. As usual, click on each picture to see them in bigger size.

Below, a closer view of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Next is a closer shot of SDL Tomorrowland and Tron Lightcycles Power Run dome.

The next aerial view below is centered on SDL Fantasyland.

Next picture is slightly the same but a closer shot.

An even closer shot on the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto boat ride.

And that's it for this week-end Shanghaî Disneyland update, see you soon for a new SDL update!

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