Sunday, June 5, 2016

Disneyland Paris Villages Nature Project Construction Update

I've got a great Disneyland Paris update for you today but it's probably not the one you're waiting for as it is all about Villages Nature, the huge construction site where hundreds of workers are currently building the Villages Nature project which include cottages, gardens, and the Aqualagon water park!

All pictures were shot recently, are officials, and coming from the Villages Nature website. The aerial picture at the top shows a big part of the impressive construction site. Below, the  "lake promenade and "Bulle apartments".

Next picture shows the Aqua Lagoon structure, apparently tehre is still a lot of work before this water park will be finished.

Below,  two pictures showing the cottages "Bulle" which are currently on sale, for those of you interested.

There will be also different kind of gardens at Villages Nature, each with the name of an element - "fire, air, earth..." which are currently being created, so the pics below do not show the finished gardens.

Villages Nature also include a farm where children will be able to get close with farm animals and learn more about how is life at a farm that urban citizens know ignore.

Villages Nature is located right next to DLP Davy Crockett Ranch and the map below provides more indications. If you want to learn more about the Villages Nature project, jump to the official site HERE. The site has a french and an english version, choose the flag on the upper right.

Pictures: copyright Villages Nature


Brandon said...

Is aqua lagoon based on the lava lagoon that Disney first proposed?

JuanJo said...

Don't worry. We don't expect anything from DLP except a coat of painting. Maybe.

Nic Kramer said...

Will you knock off the painting joke, Jo?