Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shanghaî Disneyland Cast-Members Now Ready For SDL Grand Opening on June 16 !

Shanghaî Disneyland opening will happen in just nine days from now and the pictures below shows Shanghaî Disneyland General Manager Philippe Gas with his "army" of SDL cast-members to harangue the troops and make sure everybody is ready for SDL Grand Opening day. By the way, how do you identify a Shanghaî Disneyland cast-member? By his grand opening golden ears that they all had on the top of their head! Have a look at this selection of pictures coming from different people on Instagram.

SDL Tomorrowland TRON Lightcycles Power Run Cast-Members Opening Team!

And SDL cast-members better be ready as it's dozens of thousands of guests who will rush through the gates starting opening day. The vidoe beow filmed by Matthew Oberle will give you an idea of what i mean, and this was filmed yesterday or this morning when the park is only in its "trial days" with limited guests ...who don't look that limited...

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