Wednesday, June 8, 2016

FULL HD Video of Shanghaî Disneyland Pirates Stunt Show "Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular" !

At last, we have a HD video of the FULL SDL Treasure Cove pirates stunt show "Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack's Stunt Spectacular", filmed by Youkuber M_Patros! Lots of swachbuckling of course but the show has also some background projections and good ideas - look what happen when a tornado arrive! Let's not forget it's the first Disney pirates stunt show - though one was envisioned for DLP some years ago, but never happened. Note that real action starts about 7min of the start of the show with the actors on stage and the arrival of Jack Sparrow. It's all in Chinese language so if you don't speak Chinese you won't understand but try to don't miss the start which introduces the characters. Screen shots below and full video under them.

Video: copyright M_Patros

1 comment:

Robert Cologne said...

Now THAT was good .
Very funny start to the show and I didn't even understand a word .
Capt Jack was perfect .
So many good ideas ,loved Jack jumping on the sail .
The twister was amazing , something no-one expects .
Only thing maybe more stunts could have been added but certainly not disappointed .
The stunt show in Paris I always found boring especially with everything being translated ,the show always seems to go on and on ...NOT this even not understanding it was a fun show