Sunday, January 14, 2018

DLP Update: Photos, Videos : Disneyland Paris Season of the Force Begins at WDS!

As DLP Christmas season ended and the Season of the Force started this week-end, here we go for the first big Disneyland Paris update of the year, always thanks to Max D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster.

First, let’s look back at the end of DLP Christmas season which was marked by the magnificent last performance of « Mickey’s Christmas Big Bang » with the teams of the entertainment and creative department. We hope that this show will come back in the next winter seasons and why not having it all year-round!? Here is pictures and video of the last performance.

This January 7, 2018, was also the time to say goodbye to the original version of DLP Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion). No excitement, but a relief, the attraction will finally have the right to an update like American parks had more than 10 years ago, meaning not only a total refurb but upgrade of some of the special effects and may be even more, but i can't tell for now. The exterior facade which deteriorated since more than two years will also be refurbished.

Here is Max low light video showing for the last time Phantom Manor as you will not see it again when it will reopen next October, even of the main scenes will of course stay in the ride.

On the last day of operation, a « Last Trip » badge was given to Phantom Manor visitors.

Let's move to DLP Walt Disney Studios where most of the Season of the Force is happening.

The season is clearly announced at the entrance into WDS Studio 1 where guests discover unusual decorations! Two big Star Wars Fighter are on display. The discovery of the X-Wing should be acting as a magnet on visitors, even if this new set is placed in an already loaded environment. Each of the two ships weighs 4 tons!

Outside, there are three other ships from the Star Wars universe and these were not created by DLP team, but by Legion 501, a fan association of the Star Wars universe. It's a pity that they are displayed without being emphasized and left on their roller supports. More broadly, the effort made by Disney in Studio 1 should be replicated outdoors.

Here is the video of these Star Wars decorations.

Let's talk about the Season of the Force shows and parade as the First Order March is back and the Stormtroopers patrols make the joy of the visitors.

For the Season of the Force shows, whether it is « Star Wars: A Galaxy far, far away » or for « Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration » we noticed three things: improved visual effects, improved choreography and new characters. The night show, which was already a real gem, is this year the must of the differents nighttime shows.

Finally, for those of you who like desserts - and who don't? - DLP has created a special "Season of the Force" cupcake for 4.29€ and also a chocolate Millenium Falcon !

As you understood the Walt Disney Studios Park annual Star Wars event is back and adjustments done since last year are fun to see as they improve the experience. An experience that continues at Disneyland Park with Star Tours but especially Hyperspace Mountain.

To end this article, we will note that even it's a Star Wars season no Meet and Greet with Star Wars characters are available for visitors during the event...

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Article Pictures and videos: copyright DLP Welcome.

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