Friday, January 19, 2018

Video : Shanghaî Disneyland Toy Story Land Rex RC Racer Now in Test Mode

At Shanghaî Disneyland the third Intamin RC Racer model themed with Rex is now in tests and MiyaPa Masane has the video showing it! The video was filmed from SDL Tomorrowland, meaning that it unfortunately confirms the visual intrusion problem created by the RC Racer...

Video: copyright MiyaPA Masane

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Anonymous said...

I think the visual intrusion problem will be less as soon as those trees are grown in a few years.

Other than that I always thought the RC Racers are a great piece of theming though, especially the car and the station.
I just hope the chinese operators ar more organised and quicker than their french counterparts. Everytime I get on in Paris, it drives me crazy how unnecessary long the line gets just because the ride ops take forever to ready the car. Guys, it's not rocket science, just look at the speed and effincy of german parks and carnival rides when it comes to getting the ride ready.

A full loop would have been nice as well.