Saturday, February 5, 2011

The sum of little effects creates a great ride

When i saw two days ago this video of a new "fake fire" invention, i instantly thought at the upcoming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction. I'm going to explain you why in a few seconds but, first, i suppose that you know how WDI Imagineers can be expert in creating a fire illusion, the most known fake fire created by WDI wizards is probably the one of the Burning City scene in Pirates of Caribbean - see picture below coming from the excellennt Daveland web site.

As for obvious security reasons it's out of question to have a real fire in dark ride scenes WDI Imagineers found a lot of ways to create a fake fire but this new one created by GlammFire is one of the best i ever seen - if it's just as good in real as it is on the video. If you throw your iPhone into this fire - which looks pretty real - it will never burn because the fire, as i've said, is fake.

Have a look at this short video first and then i will tell you why WDI Imagineers might be interested by it.

Not that bad for a fake fire, isn't it? The fireplace, called Zen Fireplace, is made by GlammFire and creates a fake 3D fire by combining water vapour and LEDs embedded in the ceramic “wood” logs. The fireplace controls the flickering lights and water vapour to create the most realistic fake fireplace possible.

Here is what GlammFire is saying about it on their site: "Featuring an innovative 3D eco-friendly technology, the new ZEN Fireplace by GlammFire ensures a simple and safe use by applying an efficient operability of a water vapour release system.The result achieved is a virtual flame that looks and feels remarkably realistic at any distance. The inner works of this piece combines LEDS embedded in ceramic made, wood logs and water vapor to simulate smoke. The system regulates also the intensity of the lights to the emission of the vapor to deliver a realistic aspect of a real wood fireplace".

So, why did i thought about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction? Well, as you probably saw on the new Fantasyland artwork, the Dwarfs cottage is part of the ride. And, generally this kind of place usually have a fireplace, with a fire in it. As you can see on the artwork at the top there is even smoke coming out of the chimney. And as we know, there is no smoke without fire...

It's not totally clear yet if the house will be only a walkthrough for Magic Kingdom guests or if the coaster train will enter in the cottage but in both cases if WDI Imagineers needs to give a realistic illusion of fire in the seven dwarfs cottage fireplace this new fake fire developped by GlammFire might be exactly what they are looking for. A fake fire in a fireplace is indeed a little effect, but we must not forget that it's the sum of all the little effects which helps to create a great attraction.

Video: copyright GlammFire


Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I totally agree with you. And I would go further, I would replace the current POTC fire effect for this one. The POTC fire effect was probably a great effect in the 1960's, but nowadays it is not, it looks very fake, for me at least, it's not convincing. If they change it for this awesome effect, it would improve the attraction a lot, because in this case it is not a little effect, but a major and a very important one!

Anonymous said...

Yes very cool effect, but I don't want to see it in POTC cause the maintenance would be more on this new fake fire and we know what happens at wdw when it comes to maintenance....

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I don't even know if this fire can be done in such a large scale, such as on the POTC town fire scene. But anyway, this fire or another one, they should improve the swinging yellow sheets effect, just like they've done with the Leota and other effects at the Haunted Mansion.

I know that the maintenance at WDW should be improved, but they already have very complex attractions there, so a better fire effect should not be a big problem.