Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The awaited book " The Art of Pixar Short Films " finally released next week !

A new book, this time dedicated to Pixar short films will be released on January 21st by Chronicle Books! The title is "The Art of Pixar Short Films", the book has 160 pages, the author is Amid Amidi and there will be a foreword by - guess who? - John Lasseter.

In "The Art of Pixar Short Films" animation expert and short film devotee Amid Amidi shines a spotlight on these short animated with many more memorable vignettes from the Pixar archive. Essays and interviews illuminate more than 250 full-color pastels pencil sketches storyboards and final rendered frames that were the foundation of Pixar's creative process.

The book, as i've said, will be released soon, and the good news is that you can already order it on the Disney and more Amazon Store at special price - $26.40 instead of $40 - you'll find it HERE

Picture: copyright Pixar-Chronicle Books


Matt said...

Great addition to the store - I look forward to reading this!

By the way, Amid's last book, Cartoon Modern, is really great (as is his blog & tumbler) - check them out.

Anonymous said...

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