Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exclusive pictures of tonight Bolt Premiere at Disneyland Paris

The French Bolt Premiere - the movie and main character is called "Volt" here - was tonight saturday 17th at Disneyland Paris Disney Village Gaumont Theater, and D&M have for you the pics of this memorable evening!

On the picture below, from the left: The two Directors Byron Howard and Chris Williams, John Lasseter, Mark Walton, Rhino's voice in the original version and Clark Spencer, Producer.

Below, another picture of John Lasseter with the Bolt and Penny characters.

Richard Anconina (right) and Gilles Lelouche (left), the two french actors doing Bolt and Rhino's voices in the french version.

All the crew again, with the french actors who did the characters voices on the french version of "Bolt".

All pictures: copyright


Anonymous said...

The Bolt figuers are juat so cute :-)
Hope they will be soon out and about in the Parks.

Anonymous said...

Furries! :3

Unknown said...

Are there any Bolt Plush??