Friday, February 6, 2009

Disneyland It's a Small World making-of Video

Disney Parks just released this "It's a Small World" video where you'll see images of the past and present versions. Walt appears many time, and Mary Blair, too as well as the imagineers who worked on the new version. Enjoy!

Artwork and video: copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

I just saw the additions today and the it should be renamed "it's a mall world." Truly disappointing to see a Imagineering legend Kim Irvine become part of the spin campaign to justify cartoon characters in the attraction and in an attempt get us to buy the fodder this improves the original message of the attraction. Its become an attraction to find the 'relevant' Disney/Pixar character and not one promoting the unity of the worlds children. One look at the new America scene and you will see how un-Mary the design is along with the most prominent feature in the room being Pixar characters. If you don't think this was done for $$$ take a look at the new merchandise in the exit retail. Want some mew collectors pins featuring all the 'NEW' small world characters on them? How about some plush of Stitch? You'll find them all their waiting for you to drop some cash so you can take the new "relevant" small world home with you. Simply heart-breaking. One by one the unique attractions of the park are becoming victim to this type of thinking,(tom sawyer island, swiss family treehouse, pirates of the caribbean, country bear jamboree, circle-vision, the submarine voyage . . .) I wonder which will be next?

Anonymous said...

All of what was said above is sooooooooo false that it's just laughable.

Anonymous said...

Anoymouse 1 you are truly a follower of Al Lutz.Just get of His back and other bloggers and dont listion to them seesh! Besides i think every fan who hates the new additions or to not ride it because or are'nt true disney fans and those who are'nt get the heck away from these mud slinging rants and raves and just ride the ride dang it.

By the way good commment anonymous2 Everything said by anonymous 1 is so false because he listions to what the disney watcher (Al Lutz) says exactly

Anonymous said...

Different "Anonymous" here:
Speaking my own mind here, the Disney Character additions make the ride more commercial. But the point is not a commercialization .. but rather a celebration of world cultures - not individuals. The Disney characters come from very 'individualistic' personalities. Without trying .. they become a spotlight. And in the way they are positioned and lit ... they deliberately were meant to become more pronounced. Today's Disney management works hard to promote their characters full force. Even when it means tampering with an already perfect design into the ride. I'm looking forward to a day they are pulled out.