Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Tokyo Disney Sea artwork tribute - Part Four

I did previously three articles dedicated to Tokyo Disney Sea fantastic artwork, but here is some new renderings and for one or two of them, better scans than the one previously posted. As some of them are in "panoramic" size, double-click on each to enjoy them in big size.

Let's begin by the entrance and Mediterranean Harbor and let's have a look to some renderings which served as inspiration for this land. The one above was inspired by the Toscana region, in Italy.

This next one was of course inspired by the famous italian Portofino village.

The artwork below was indeed inspired by Venezia, the city of the Doges!

Here is an artwork inspired by the city of Firenze , and used for the TDS Miracosta hotel.

At last the fantastic artwork of Mysterious Island in good quality.

Here is the entrance of Mermaid Lagoon.

A great artwork of the beautiful Arabian coast.

Another one, great too, for Lost River Delta.

Here is rendering showing Port Discovery and the Storm Rider entrance.

Let's end by another rare rendering showing the Cape Cod area. Recently, it was announced that a kind of Toy Story Mania attraction will be build in the park, using the same technology but probably on a different theme than Toy Story, and i'm ready to bet that it will be build in the Cape Cod area as there is no attraction at all. Also, a look at the rendering help to understand how they could easily create a kind of "boardwalk" area.

That's all for today, hope you've enjoyed this tokyo Disney Sea artwork!

All artwork: copyright Oriental Land Co - Disney - Walt Disney Imagineering


Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork!

Just makes me wish for a book about it, artworks and hq photos, like about Paris.

I know you cannot, but such a pity!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you couldn't, but with OLC, it figures ! Anyway, another great article full of never seen before concepts ! Congrats to Disney and more !

Anonymous said...

waaa, this looks just too amazing (L)

Anonymous said...

This post reaffirms why this is the best theme park site on the Internet.

Epcot82 said...

It's extraordinary that the lavishness of these art pieces is actually VERY well represented in the final product. Tokyo DisneySea is an extraordinary park. As a reader of my blog pointed out, any Disney fan who frequents Walt Disney World should skip it for two years and save the extra cash for a trip to Tokyo and the experience of visiting Tokyo Disney Resort (not to mention the amazing city itself). Tokyo DisneySea is a park that is well worth at LEAST a full day of exploration, if not more. Thanks for sharing this beautiful artwork from an amazing theme park.