Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finding Nemo : The Disney on Ice show - Exclusive Report

Since many years each winter we have in France a new Disney on Ice show, and this year the show is themed on "Finding Nemo". Recently the show was in the town of Lyon, and Maureen, Disney and more regular contributor and damn' good young photographer was there!

She came back with a beautiful - and colorful - pictorial report, and it's real eye candy! As you will see below, the show looks a bit like the Animal Kingdom Nemo musical...but on ice! You all know Nemo's story, so comments are not needed, just look, double click on each to see the pictures in big size, and enjoy!

The last show in France was January 31st and i don't know if the show will go in others European countries, but if it comes to your town no need to say that i strongly recommand you to go see it!

Many thanks to Maureen for these great pictures that were not that easy to shoot, specially with ice skaters constantly moving! If you'd like to have some of them in wallpaper size, have a look at Maureen's Flickr page.

Pictures: copyright Maureen Chaffurin whom i thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

It will be here in Portugal in April 4th and 5th, I'd love to go, but it's so far away from my town :(

Anonymous said...

Disney on Ice goes ALWAYS to Portugal. I live there and I always go see it, but this year i'm doing an exchabge students program in USA, so I can't go see it. I know there will be in USA also, but it is far and expensive from the town I'm living...
I really would like to see!

You can do a trip to Portugal, and enjoy the show!!! It is a little country, but so beautiful!!! =D


Anonymous said...

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