Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sneak Peek at DL " It's a Small World " new version before its re-opening on friday

After a year long renovation, It's a Small World will reopens Friday at Disneyland with a new scene that depicts the "Spirit of America" a relocated rain forest and 29 added Disney and Pixar characters inserted in the countries where their stories take place.

Alice and the always late white rabbit are located in the Great Britain scene.

Here is Cinderella and the so-cute mouses...

Aladdin and Jasmine appears in the Middle East scene...

...while Lilo and Stitch rides on a surfboard in the Polynesian scene.

The "three caballeros" appears in the Latin America section.

As we know, there are a brand new "Spirit of America" scenes, here is the first one located right before the final scene.

The other one is a tribute to the American West...

...and it's there where you will find Woody and Jessie.

Here is a short video which shows some of the new elements. You can also see other pictures showing new characters additions on Mice Chat and more infos in the L.A Times article HERE

On this next Associated Press video, you'll see Imagineers at work on this new version!

Photo: copyright Disney

Videos: copyright L.A - Disney Associated Press


Anonymous said...

Kind of a mess. Too bad.

I'll miss the mermaid, and the surfer. Pinocchio looks fat, Jessie looks awful, it's just "spot the characters" now, instead of a message of unity and world peace.

Maybe they'll be ripped out at the next Christmas overhaul. Hope so.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I completely disagree.

Anonymous said...

i think it looks great. can't wait to visit.

Anonymous said...

Eh, it's ok. Some characters like Jesse and Pinocchio don't look very good, but other than that mostly, it's barely noticeable. I like the three calebbros, that looks good.

imagineersuperspy! :) said...

!!OH My!! They recycled the scenery from Super Star Limo and re-used it for the American scene. Clever Mrs. Irvine! I bet it is much cheaper that way and I bet no one has noticed... yet!


THE BOB!! said...

... And woodie looks like a pickle!

and Pinnocio looks like Agustist Gloop from willie wonka. :P