Friday, March 13, 2009

Giant Buzz Lightyear will welcome WDS guests at the entrance of Toy Story Playland

Interesting news about WDS future attraction as a french forum revealed that a four meters (13 feet) high Buzz Lightyear will "welcome" Walt Disney Studios guests at the entrance of the awaited Toy Story Playland, supposed to open next year.

An early concept showing a "classic" 1950's Robot - probably looking like this one below - holding scrabble letters in his hands forming the words "Toy Story Playland" was envisioned, but is now replaced with Buzz, definitely a more iconic Toy Story character.

Also the manufacturer which will build the RC Racer attraction - a "Half pipe coaster" seems to be a company named Zamperla and not Intamin - the original creator of this kind of carnival ride. However, Zamperla is supposed to build a Half pipe coaster that will be similar to the Intamin one.

I remember you that fences are now all around the area where Toy Story Playland will be built, and works should begin anytime soon. The Tram Tour route already changed and it seems that for now the new tram route is avoiding the Dinotopia scene.

Buzz Lightyear picture; copyright Disney


Anonymous said...

Mmm, where did I read this before?

Alain Littaye said...

If it's you who've let me know about it in your "comments" a few days ago, thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Zamperla makes the cheap-o rides at the carnival that pops up every summer. Not exactly what I associate with Disney.

Anonymous said...

It sounds that the Giant Buzz would be like the one in Hong Kong DL

Anonymous said...

The Dinotopia scene was still availible (just returned from the WDS). The Pearl Harbour/ costumes set however was not!