Friday, March 13, 2009

Tokyo Disneyland's Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek is now open !

The official opening will be on April 15th, but soft openings of the awaited Tokyo Disneyland's Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek attraction have began! As usual at TDL there is a 3 hours line for the ride, and JT Cent from the excellent JT Cent web site was there - and the first! - to film everything.

You'll see below his Youtube videos, and no need to say that "Ride and Go Seek" have audio-animatronics of much better quality than the Monsters Inc ride at DCA. As you know, guests have a flashlight - supposedly to "search" the monsters hidden all around the streets of Monsters City, but it's - for now - hard to understand if the light ray from the torch have an effect or not on the audio-animatronics.

Anyway, have a look at the videos, and when you've finished, please have a look at JT Cent's web site as not only it's a great one about Disney parks in Asia, but also because he fully deserves your visit!

I add also this video from kaihirane showing the different little movies shown on tv screens in the queue decor, including the one teaching the guests how to use the flashlights.

Monsters Inc Youtube videos : copyright JT and kaihirane

Artwork: copyright Disney

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Kim said...

Its a really cool ride , I think ... I dont understand this light thing though ^^ . But when will Disney do a bunch of new thrill rides all over the world ? They have bigh thunder mountain in almost every park and Tower of terror aswell . Why dont they invent something new and exciting with Alice in Wonderland theme or Notre Dame , They have so much potential !