Sunday, March 8, 2009

If i was a Magician...

If i was a magician, i will buy this plush of "Alec the Amazing Rabbit" - yes, the one from "Presto" - at Disney Shopping right now. And i will order two of them.

Why, you ask? Well, because not only this plush looks exactly like the Presto's character, but its size - 28" H from ear to toe - is probably big enough to install a mechanical system inside. I mean: to create a kind of small audio-animatronic. Then a real magician could do a show inspired by the short animated story line, except the final scene, of course. Magicians shows always use special effects, so, no big deal for Las Vegas wizards to re-create some of Presto's scenes. And as we know there is enough fun material in Presto's story to create a funny show!

Now, if i was NOT a magician and if i had young children between 3 and 5 years old who've loved this wonderful Pixar short animated, i will ALSO buy the plush, and then organize for one of my children's birthday a party with a magician - or i will personally perform some easy magic act. And at the end of the show i will have this plush of Alec the rabbit magically appearing from a magic hat - and of course will give it as a birthday present. Won't it be cool?

Nothing difficult or impossible, and if you perform the magic act yourself, it even won't be expensive as this Alec the Rabbit plush cost only $29.95 at Disney Shopping!

Now, if i was a WDI imagineer instead of a magician (although WDI wizards ARE kind of magicians) i would think about how it could be possible to create a nice "Presto" show for a Disney theme park. I'm sure Disneyland's guests will love it.

That was just some ideas...

Pictures: copyright Disney-Pixar

To find the plush at Disney Shopping, go on the site and enter PRESTO as key word.

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