Monday, March 9, 2009

Tokyo Disney Sea photo essay - by Randie Soul

Randie Soul is back on Disney and more with a Tokyo Disney Sea pictorial article, and more specifically about Mysterious Island and Tower of Terror.

There we go! Above, a picture of TDS entrance - i love this water globe by the way, there is a special effect on the oceans impossible to describe here, but really cool.

I also love the incredible view of Mysterious Island, how it appear little by little when you walk through the entrance of the park.

Two views of Mysterious Island and the Renaissance fortress.

Inside Mysterious Island, going down to 20000 Leagues under the sea attraction.

The Nautilus is there, but you can't visit the inside as we do at DLP.

Two pictures of Nemo's laboratory, part of the incredible queue decor of Journey to the Center of the Earth.

A great view of the Arabian Coast.

A day view of the S S Columbia.

The Tower of Terror with its incredible "New York Gothic" architecture...

Outside, these pictures introduce the guests to the new Tower of Terror story line.

Two pictures of the Tower of Terror queue decor.

The eerie night lighting of the Tower of Terror.

A night view of the S S Columbia.

Mysterious Island and the Renaissance fortress also have a gorgeous night lighting.

Three shots of the Nautilus at night, in Vulcania lagoon.

A last picture of Mount Prometheus!

All pictures: copyright Randie Soul


Matt said...

man, the ToT and SS Columbia look amazing (as does the whole park)! I haven't done much research on TD - what's inside the cruise ship?

thanks for more great images.

Alain Littaye said...

Matt, Inside the Columbia there is only a bar and a restaurant. An attraction was envisioned, but never realised, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Giant Buzz Lightyear to tower over Toy Story Playland?
Posted by Kristof on Monday, March 9 2009

Grandmath, Disney Central Plaza's admin, received information that a giant Buzz Lightyear statue which will measure over 4 meters high, will mark the entrance of Toy Story Playland.

An early concept of a robot holding Scrabble letters forming the land's name has been dropped in favour of the Toy Story star, at least according to Grandmath.

A large statue of Buzz Lightyear already exists at Walt Disney World's All Star Movie Resort.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your articles with exciting images.
Last week, the oriental land has officially announced that Turtle Talk will open inside of SS Columbia ship on November 1st this year.
The attraction takes place in submarine view room in aft peak of the ship and you can see great views of Nemo's world from windows.

Anonymous said...

So many news! Thanks guys ;)
Great photos. This resort seems to be a jewel! I can't wait to go there myself someday... Have you already been there Alain?

Alain Littaye said...

Yes, Lisa, i was at TDS for the Grand Opening, and it's simply gorgeous!!

DisWedWay said...

Someday I hope we can finish the SS Columbia's wheel house and stern, as well interior space. A photo op off the front of the ship as in the movie Titanic was talked about. Don't think they have done that yet. We talked about dancing on the stern upper deck, under the stars with a live period band. Good place for private party's. The Gantry was a Great challenge and frames in the Columbia well.