Tuesday, January 26, 2010

D&M Exclusive Report : Universal Studios Singapore Panoramic Pictures !

I have a great pictorial report for you today on Universal Studios Singapore with panoramic pictures shoot recently. The park is supposed to open next week and since my article last sunday i was confirmed again that USS first day of operations to the public is February 3rd. Also, on February 1st & 2nd will be the media event. So, very probably you can expect many more pictures - and videos too! - next week and Disney and more intend to do a full coverage on Universal Studios Singapore opening. So come back regularly to see the new pics i will have for you.

EDITED: The Universal Studios Singapore Panoramic Pictures Part Two is on line HERE and another great post with the original artwork designed for the park is HERE!

Let's go for today's pictures. Above, a picture of the "Far Far away" Shrek castle. The first panoramic picture below show the New York area of the park, not so far from the Hollywood section located at the entrance.

Important note: Definitely click on each panoramic pictures to see them in big size and explore them in details.

This next panoramic show the other side of the New York Street. As usual with Universal you'll note the quality of the sets.

The next shot is also showing the New York area, looking towards the Hollywood area.

On the panoramic below the Ancient Egypt land is across the lagoon on the left, Sci-Fi City with the Battlestar Galactica dueling coaster in the center and the New York area on the right. I still think that Sci Fi City and the temples of Ancient egypt are too close but the park is pretty "compact" due to the land that was available for its construction.

The next picture is a great panoramic of the Battlestar Galactica dueling coaster, shot from inside Sci Fi City.

On the picture below the New York area is on the left (with a bit of the dueling coaster), the Hollywood area in the center and the Enchanted Airways coaster of the Shrek land on the right.

This next picture is a mega-panoramic showing almost every land around the lake except Jurassic Park and Waterworld areas. From the left: Ancient Egypt, Sci Fi City, New York area, Hollywood area, the Madagascar ship and tree and Shrek land with the Far Far Away castle.

This next one is in fact a "vertical panoramic" and show a huge set of the New York area. As you can see the whole street - just like the Hollywood street at the entrance of the park - is under a huge canopy to protect the guests during the monsoon season and its heavy rains.

The last two pictures are not panoramic. The first one show Universal workers putting the final touch to a decor of the Hollywood area...

...and this next one show some - also unfinished - outside decor of Friar Food Court, a restaurant located in the Shrek land.

EDITED: The Universal Studios Singapore Panoramic Pictures Part Two is on line HERE and another great post with the original artwork designed for the park is HERE!

Don't miss the new great exclusive report on Universal Singapore with 45 panoramic pictures where you will see the whole park! It's HERE.

And all my thanks goes to the very kind Disney and more reader who have sent to me these great pictures!

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Anonymous said...

It's Great to see TDL's original canopy concept over Mainstreet is being reemployed here. I wonder if a little more period iron work detail could have been employed as in TDS? Just a thought. Hope the opening goes well for them.

RandySavage said...

Thanks for these pics, Alain. It is looking like a very solid Universal entry.

It will be interesting to see how this park performs when compared to the disappointing HKDL.

vineshkumar said...

Simply mind blowing!!!! Good work!
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Wirtzo said...

Alain, as a huge theme park fan, I really love your site. Great articles and excellent photos and artwork. Since 2005, I've been trying to hit up all the major theme park anniversaries and openings, and I have been pulling my hair out trying to find any info on Singapore's opening day. Thanks for another great article. Any idea why they are being so cagey about announcing the opening day? I had the opportunity to hit up Hong Kong Disneyland's grand opening, and they announced that months ahead of time. Universal Singapore's seems to be only days away with no official word.

Anonymous said...

Universal related...

Harry Potter fans. Get the actual newspaper today and use your computer to make this work (augmented reality) exploring the new land in Islands of Adventure:


Alain Littaye said...

Wirtzo, i think they're just running to open the park before Chinese new year and they were probably late on the construction. Then you have to test the rides, etc, which they did all along January and before all this was done may be they couldn't know the opening date.
Now, February 3rd will be the first day of operations but might be more a kind-of soft-opening than the "grand opening day", but we will know that next week.