Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Introducing the new Disney and more Globe widget

Editor's Note: Don't miss the rare Beastly Kingdom artwork article below. You will also notice that i've introduced a new widget created by Revolver Maps on the top of the right column: the D&M Globe! Disney and more readers are all around the world and the location of each new visit on the site appear on the globe. Only the last 60 visits or so appear and then disappear for the next new visits.
It brings a kinetic element to D&M and it's fun to see where on Earth are the other readers. An important note: Of course, the map do NOT disclose your adress or your name, so your privacy is fully preserved. You are able to zoom on the map or see it in full screen mode if you wish. And if you put your mouse on the globe with a hold click you can stop the rotation of the globe and turn it any side you want. Have fun!

Also, James Cameron's Avatar" has beat today the record set by “Titanic” and become the biggest grossing movie EVER with a $1.85 billion worldwide box-office. And all this in six weeks only! It's far to be over and we can expect Avatar box office to grow still further during the coming weeks of the awards season where Avatar has become a major player.


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mayumi said...

I hate avatar!!!
It's the worst movie in 2010!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really like the D&M Globe. :)

Angeline said...

Nice :)