Sunday, January 24, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore set for an opening February 3rd ?

Universal Studios Singapore will be the only major theme park to open this year and here is the latest news about it. My last info about the opening date say that the park should open "most likely" before Chinese New Year which is on February 14th.

BUT another source working on the park says that the park may be in soft opening next Thursday. January 28th could be the "family day" i.e the day when employees who built the park can bring their family as well as special guests. The grand opening date is yet not official but the same source says that Universal Studios Singapore official opening is scheduled for February 3rd.

Before i go further, here is a special and urgent request: If you are a Disney and more reader living in Singapore, and owner of a good digital camera, please contact me by email at: as i am looking for a photographer to shoot pictures of the park's opening. Any help from my Singaporian readers will be appreciated!

So, nothing is better than a good video and the next two from Channel News Asia will show you the park - still under construction and with attractions in test mode - but that's better than nothing.

No Universal Studios without the giant turning globe at the entrance of the park and there is one too at Universal Singapore - already turning as you will see on this next short video.

Universal Singapore will also have the Jurassic Park ride but this time it won't be a flume ride but a raft ride! Want a proof? Have a look at the video below showing the raft itself during a test.

And a last good news to end the article: Once the park in Singapore will be open, works will begin soon on the next Universal Studios park. And where will it be, you ask? In South Korea, and here is the rendering.

Universal Studios Korea will be build in Hwaseong Green City and is scheduled for a 2013 opening. The park will include 9 different themed lands, including one focused on both Korean and International movie industry, thrill rides, a water park, shopping malls including a premium outlet mall, hotels, condos, a city walk, golf links and a convention center. And i remind you that in 2011 the spectacular Transformers ride using the same technology than the Spiderman ride at IOA will open at Singapore.

One last question: will the opening of these two new Universal Studios in Asia hurt Hong Kong Disneyland? Considering that one of them is opening now, probably. Frankly, HKDL didn't need that. Although works on HKDL expansion already began, the park will not have new attractions before next year. And at two hours flight (more or less) from Hong Kong a brand new park with rides based on Hollywood most successful movies will be open. So, yes, Universal Singapore opening will most likely have an effect on HKDL. It's not that i wish it, it's just pure logic.

Pictures: copyright Universal Studios

Many thanks to the different people for the You Tube videos


Juanpa said...

When europeans will get our own Universal Studios?? :-(

Alain Littaye said...

That's a good question, Juan, and truth is that Universal had plans to build a Universal Studios theme park near Paris, back in the early 1990's.

But they changed their plans after the bad financial results of DLP in the early years of the park. Which is really stupid as the park at DLP was always successful (it was the too many hotels who were the problem back in the 90's).

Anonymous said...

There were plans to build it at Krefeld, Germany:

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the JP ride is a raft ride. I thought everybody knew that though.

BearBrickER said...

JP ride? You mean the one in Japan is a raft ride?
Have you even been there?
It's a flume/log ride.

Anonymous said...

BearBrickEr: He meant the Jurassic Park ride.

My Deals 4 sharing said...

Many puzzles about the opening date. Surely one factors beside all the timelines and schedule milestones, one very critical factor is FUNG SHUI- date.
if you read genting gift-chinese calender. 8 - 2 -2010. Important tasks are not feasible.
3-2-2010..collecting payment suitable. it is also wednesday...3 3 means alive alive..
so maybe your guess is right. They must make sure, completion testing, compliance to resort 50% readiness, all be done by and before 2 feb 2010.
Mind you Genting is always very particular on the opening date on all the major event.

why RWS facebook banned me> huh

Anonymous said...

Came across park by monorail yesterday and saw a Kung Fu Panda figure standing in front of the entrance welcoming some guests. I also saw some guests walking in the park taking pictures. Later on I saw an enormous group of people all wearing special badges walking to the park gate (staff?). StarTrek coaster run in the afternoon but could not see if people were on board.