Friday, January 29, 2010

D&M Exclusive Report : Universal Studios Singapore Panoramic Pictures Part Two!

Here is the awaited part two of the Universal Studios Singapore exclusive report - Part One is HERE if you've missed it. But before, more infos on the opening date. In the part one of this report i told you that USS first day of operations to the public will be February 3rd with media event on February 1st & 2nd. Other sites are saying these dates are wrong and that Universal Singapore is still waiting from Singapore government the authorization to open the park.

As a matter of fact we were both right, i.e that one week ago the February 3 date was USS goal for a soft-opening date. Right now the park is done but the rides are still in process of being tested and that just takes a certain amount of time. Apparently USS realised that if the Feb 3 date was kept for a soft-opening some of the rides - at least four of them - couldn't be ready for that date as they're still under test mode.

So, the very latest news i have about this soft opening date is that it's probably going to be pushed back to February 11...but in fact that "soft opening date" changes almost hourly! Right now at Universal Singapore they throw all manpowers and whatever is needed for to get the park and full shows definitely open before February 14, the start of Chinese New Year, Asia's biggest event of the year.

But there is also a hidden reason for that: at Resorts World Sentosa guests won't find only hotels, shopping area and a great theme park, they will also find a Casino! The Casino is of course outside the park and they really spent a lot of money on it - even more on the "Monaco" model - to make it as great as possible as Asian people, and specially Chineses, are biiiiig gamblers.

Michael Graves - yes, the architect of the Swan and Dolphin hotels at WDW and of the New York Hotel at DLP - designed the whole complex - beautiful materials by the way - but the Casino will be the real Money Maker. So, as you may have guess, they REALLY want to get the Casino open for Chinese New Year which is, as i told you, the biggest holiday of the Year in Asia. Let's just hope they won't get too greedy and let people get in the casino before the Park itself will be open.

However, a good news for everyone who worked on the park as last week Tom Williams, head of NBC Universal, came to visit the park, was impressed by the quality of the work and gave a big Thumbs Up. One thing is sure: whatever happen the park will be open anytime soon, whether it's the 3rd or the 14th is not that important as anyone can wait 10 more days, right?

So, let's have a look at these new panoramic pictures showing of course different areas than the one you've seen in the first part. As usual click on each panoramic pictures to see them in big size and explore the park in details. The first picture at the top is of course the park's entrance with the Universal Studios famous revolving globe. Same for the picture below with the tickets booths.

The next picture was shot exiting Hollywood Boulevard. On the center right the Mel's Drive-In restaurant. On the extreme right a bit of the Superstar Candies Store selling...yes, that's right, candies! On the left of the picture the entrance of the Madagascar zone with its giant tree.

This next panoramic show the entrance of Far Far Away, the Shrek land, with the huge castle. The picture was shot from the entrance of the Lost World "Jurassic Park" land.

And talking about Jurassic Park, this last panoramic picture show the entrance of the Lost World land.

Edited: Don't miss the new great exclusive report on Universal Singapore with 45 panoramic pictures where you will see the whole park! It's HERE.

I add this new Youtube video showing the dramatic entrance of...the casino i've just mentioned!

That's all for today, more pictures of Universal Studios Singapore coming soon!

All pictures: copyright Disney and more


Anonymous said...

I loved staying in Michael Graves designed New York Hotel at Paris Disneyland. It was very colorful with it's Andy Warhol artwork which I think the Dolphin and Swan also used in their interiors when I stayed there. The Jazz club was a great place to wind down and catch a few sets.

Walt Disney World said...

USS is looking great in the pics...Hope that it it packed with similar fun opportunities that other Universal Studios used to have.