Saturday, November 20, 2010

Incredible TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suits

If you're a Disney fan who also have a motorbike you should enjoy this incredible TRON Legacy leather motorcycle Suits created by UD Replicas who did previously an incredibly perfect Batman - Dark Knight costume replica.

Developed for both male and female Fans, TRON: LEGACY
 Motorcycle Suits will celebrate the film’s debut this december. UD Replicas takes motorcycle riders and movie fans into the world of TRON: LEGACY in which Flynn and other TRON characters ride spectacular lightcyles, and the rules of reality don’t apply, with its magnificently detailed TRON: LEGACY “Movie Replica” Motorcycle Suits, which are now available for purchase online at

Designed under license from Disney Consumer Products and painstakingly handcrafted from leather, the TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suits replicate the awe-inspiring look of the costumes worn on screen by heroic Sam Flynn and Quorra. The TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suits mark the first time UD Replicas has offered designs for both men and women.

“Our designers have worked closely with Disney to ensure that we capture the absolutely incredible look of TRON: LEGACY,” said UD Replicas owner David Pea. “The reaction we got to these suits at Comic-Con was overwhelming, and we’re very excited to be able to deliver them to fans before this amazing film opens in theaters.”

Each TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suit is created from hand-crafted leather that features a silicone hexagonal print that matches the highly detailed designs seen in the film. To protect wearers, all TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suits incorporate removable CE-approved body armor in the forearm and elbow, shoulder, along the back spine, and in the knee, shin and thighs areas. The suits also feature extremely light sensitive-reflective accents to create the ethereal, computer-generated glow so closely identified with the world of TRON.

UD Replicas has also designed a leather-encased “identity disc” that is molded into the back of each TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suit. All suits feature heavy-duty stretch Spandex inserts and intricate leather detailing, while the female Quorra suit jacket offers design features that enhance the female form. Both the Sam Flynn and Quorra TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suits will be limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

UD Replicas, the officially licensed division of Universal Designs, is offering its TRON: LEGACY Motorcycle Suits exclusively online. The TRON: LEGACY jacket, pants, gloves and boots can be purchased separately or as a complete set for $995 (U.S.) for the male version and $899 for the female version. Payment may be split into three equal installments by following ordering instructions at

Pictures: copyright UD Replica - Disney

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