Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cars 2 - First Trailer and High-res Pictures

Disney released today the Cars 2 first trailer which looks exciting. You'll find it below in the american and french version but, before, new high-res pics which will also do great wallpaper pictures for you desktop if you're a Cars fan.

Below Lightning McQueen and a new female Cars character in the Tokyo scenes.

On the next picture Finn McMissile - the british secret service character - which will have the voice of the great Michael Caine.

The two Cars on the picture below looks like the bad guys of the movie, and yes they are!

A last picture with two Hench cars.

Here is the american trailer and i remind you that the music score is written this time by Michael Giacchino which is probably a very good choice considering the "James Bond" style of the movie.

And for my french readers here is the french version of the trailer. You'll note that they are not totally the same and that the one above include few more shots of the movie.

While we talk about Cars, i'd like to let you know that the Cars Toon Dvd and Blu-Ray - as well as the Toy Story 3 - are now released. The Cars toon is definitely great an include NEW and hilarious Mater Tall Tales including "Mater on the Moon" or "Mater private eye" a tribute to Humphrey Bogart and Roman Polanski's Chinatown. You can find these great Dvds on the Disney and more Amazon Store HERE!

Pictures and videos: copyright Disney-Pixar

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Matthew Isenberg said...

That looks spectacular! I wonder if they're going to replace Carlin, Newman, and Ranft. Any knowledge about this?