Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tired to wait for Star Tours 2 opening ? There is an App for that !

Tired to wait for the Star Tours 2 opening? Then download on your IPhone the new Star Wars App game called Star Wars Arcade Falcon Gunner which will transform YOUR environment in an epic battleground against the forces of the Empire.

In this new game developed by Vertigore Games you're the Millenium Falcon gunner desperately trying to shoot the TIE fighters. BUT - and this is the great idea - the app will use the camera of your IPhone to introduce augmented reality in the game. In two words: the background image of the game is what your IPhone camera see. The augmented reality takes your surroundings and sticks them outside your Millenium Falcon. Whether it's the New York skyline or a parking lot, you'll be able to blast TIE Fighters out of the sky as if they were invading right now, in our galaxy. The game also features other great moments from the Star Wars universe like the escape from the Death Star, the Battle of Hoth and you even have the option of switching between rendered backgrounds and augmented reality scenery from your device's camera.

Have a look at the test video below and here is the ITunes link for those of you interested to download the app!

Picture and Video: Copyright Lucas Film

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