Monday, November 15, 2010

Prep and Landing - Full Movie

Jim Hill did today an interesting article about the new Prep and Landing short animated to be aired December 7th. He also talks about the upcoming sequel to the first part which will be released in 2011. And this reminded me that i've never watched the first Prep and Landing as it has not been released yet on dvd or aired on European TV channels. May be it was on the European Disney Channel but as i don't spend my time watching it i missed it anyway.

Considering that the first Prep and Landing was released one year ago i thought that it should be possible to find it on internet and i was right. As i won't be surprised if some of you living outside the U.S have never watched, just like me, this animated jewel who won an Emmy Award here it is below. And then, don't forget to have a look at Jim Hill's article to learn more about the upcoming sequels.

Video: copyright Disney