Friday, May 18, 2012

Awaited Disney Parks Attraction Posters Book to be Released at the end of May !

Great news for all Disney fans as the new and highly awaited “Poster Art of the Disney Parks” book - by Danny Handke and Vanessa Hunt - which will celebrate the beloved attraction posters of Disney parks all around the world will be released at the end of May after four years of development!

As you can see on the picture below this 144 pages book will not only include the known version of each posters but also the others (and unknown) designs proposals. Actually, according to Vanessa Hunt they even found during their research for the book "a box containing several poster concepts that had never been published until now". “We made an extra effort to ensure the posters in the book were printed as color accurate as possible” continued Vanessa. “The most challenge part was identifying artists. While many unidentified posters artists were later identified during our interviews, there are some that remain credited to ‘Unknown Artist”. The book also have an introduction by legendary WDI Imagineer Tony Baxter.

The book will be on sale at Disney Parks in the U.S at the end of May and is currently also available for pre-order on for all of you who don't plan to go to the U.S parks later this year. Actually the Amazon price - $26.13 or 20€ - is probably even cheaper than it will be at Disney Parks and, good news, you can even order it while you are on Disney and more, just by jumping to the Disney and more Amazon page HERE. And not only you'll buy it at the best price but you will also do your "good action" of the day as Amazon will give back a small percentage of each book order through the D&M Amazon page to Disney and more. Go ahead, and order this great book HERE!

Note: When you will order the book on the D&M Amazon page, in fact you order it directly to Amazon and the book will be sent directly to you by Amazon, not by me, as you'll see on the screen capture below of the D&M Amazon page where you'll find also more details about the book.

Pictures: copyright Disney


famous artists paintings said...

I like disney parks.It's very interesting.Your blog is very nice and Thank you for your sharing.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I'm buying it as soon as it's released from the D&M Amazon page!