Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walt Disney Studios Cinémagique Attraction Updated !

Here is an interesting news about one of the best attractions at DLP Walt Disney Studios! The Cinémagique attraction has been updated, which means that some films clips have been replaced by others, and the new clips are coming from more recent movies - also probably more known by young children. Here are the changes and where they happen - thanks to Nash of the DCP forum - and a warning as there is spoilers ahead :

In the Titanic sequence when the character Georges - played by Martin Short - open a series of different doors:
- Jack Sparrow saying "This bullet wasn't meant for you!" from Pirates of Caribbean : the Curse of the Black Pearl
- A scene from Pixar's The Incredibles, when they have a dispute during lunch
- Gollum shouting, from Lord of the Rings (2 or 3)

During the attack in the medieval battle scene :
- A battle shot from Narnia Chapter 1
- A battle shot from Lord of the Rings (2 or 3)

During the farewell scene, at the end :
- A kiss from Black Swan
- Another kiss from Slumdog Millionaire (not 100% sure it's coming from Slumdog)
- A kiss between Colette and Linguini from Pixar's Ratatouille
- Farewell scene from Andy to Woody at the end of Toy Story 3
- A kiss between Jake et Neytiri in Avatar
- A kiss from Lord of the Rings - Return of the King

All these movie clips are short clips but as long as they keep the emotion of this great attraction, it should be fine.

For those of you who have never seen Cinémagique, the attraction is a tribute to cinema history, and it's done in a brilliant way. Actually it's one of my favorite attraction at the WDS and one who come to visit the park must not miss it!. Here is the story line: The movie begin by a black and white 1920's sequence until somebody inside the audience is magically transport inside the movie - just like in Woody Allen's Purple rose of Cairo. Then, the man goes from one famous movie sequence to another - digitally include in the original shots, and funny and emotional things happen between him, the characters of the original sequences and a girl played by french actress Julie Delpy. That's basically how the attraction movie goes.

And, for those who have never seen it or don't plan to go soon at the WDS i've found for you on Youtube a video of the full attraction - in two parts - and it's the previous version, which includes film clips that have now been removed. You won't have some of the in-theater effects like the falling rain but there is not much of them during the attraction so it shouldn't be a problem.

Again, Cinémagique is a wonderful tribute to movies, so i hope you will like it. No need to say that you must watch the videos below in full screen mode!

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Picture and video: copyright Disney

1 comment:

Tom said...

Thanks for the update, but sorry, no-one should watch this great and maybe best attraction of WDS on a computer screen!!!

Everyone should see this in real life!

It's very good they updated the older movies to new ones, this means Cinemagique is here to stay for some time!? Have you seen it in person and was it well done?

I hope they will build a worthy entrance to the attraction once.