Monday, May 14, 2012

Universal Studios South Korea Almost Confirmed

After one in Osaka, Japan, one in Singapore, and one eventually coming in Moscow, it seems that Universal will soon begin the works on their project of Universal Studios Korea - South Korea of course. According to the latest news a bill for government funding is going to be presented in the South Korea congress and apparently they are hopeful that it will pass.

Many different artwork was released since the announcement of the project five years ago but some elements remain the same.

On the artwork on the top and on the closer shot below we can see the entrance (top center) and that the park should have a N.Y city streets land (top center right) - you can even see a statue of liberty - a Revenge of the Mummy ride (on the left, where you can see a giant Pharaoh head), a Waterworld show (bottom left), a whole Jurassic Park land (bottom center), and a big coaster partly going over the center lagoon on which you can see 360 degrees floating projection globes. Although these are recent concept-arts, there is no doubt that the design will have some changes and improvements before the park open, an opening schedule apparently for 2016 although some are saying that Universal would be pleased to open the park before Disney open Shanghai Disneyland.

On the older artwork below, most of the elements described above are already there but with another big "dueling" coaster on the right of the Revenge of the Mummy building. Note that i wouldn't be surprised if it was not part of the final park as Universal realized in Singapore that Asian people were a bit too impressed when they see the Battlestar Galactica coaster and don't ride it that much.

About hotels, it's also interesting to notice the Venetian resort, located just outside the park as you will see on the artworks below, as well as another hotel (with a red roof) and what seems to be a City Walk dining and night entertainment area. The area on the right, behind the venetian resort, on the other side of the main road, might be a water park.

While we talk about Universal Studios some news about the Harry Potter Wizarding World coming to Universal Studios Japan. According to Screamscape HERE and quoting an article HERE "Universal Studios Japan will increase the theme park’s footprint by one fifth (to build the Potter land)" and "the new Wizarding World will feature several attractions, including a school for wizards as well as a recreation of Hogsmeade Village". If it's well done the "school for wizards" might be fun!

Artwork: copyright Universal Studios


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Too much!

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Looks wonderful! Never enough places to have fun!