Friday, May 18, 2012

Disneyland monorails gets a "Cars" face and voice to promote Cars Land

How smart they are at Disneyland marketing office, they always amaze me. No, really, look at their latest idea to promote Cars Land opening: now the three Disneyland monorails have a "Cars" face with mouth and eyes and even a voice that DL guests can hear inside the monorail with a new narration all along the way to and inside Disneyland and back.

Monorails Blue, Orange, and Red have now eyes and mouths, and are three new characters called Mandy, Mona and Manny. magnapurpleboy ha spotted a video on Youtube in which you'll hear the new announcements, here in english, but they also have a spanish version.

Talking about trains Disney Parks released pictures of upcoming Red Car Trolley merchandise, and with the great design of the iconic Red Car Trolley there is for sure some great merchandise products to do with this.

Pictures: copyright Disney

Video: copyright magnapurpleboy

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Marco Antonio Garcia said...

I really can't wait for Cars Land and Buena Vista Street!

This monorail design is very well done indeed, a great publicity!