Sunday, April 21, 2013

HKDL Mystic Point First Video !

Here is a first video showing more of Mystic Manor and Mystic Point "Garden of Wonders" - as there is not only the ride itself at Mystic Point but also in front of the Manor several "archeological" artifacts including optical illusions that guests can enjoy. This is not a full ride video, so, limited spoilers, but you'll note that the two main characters Lord Mystic and the monkey Albert appear in the ride as Audio-Animatronics.

Picture: copyright Disney


Unknown said...

Amazing construction
Amazing ride vehicle
Amazing Audio-Animatronics
Amazing special effects
Amazing soundtrack
I think it will be one of the most amazing dark rides ever!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping they would show more of the themed interior architecture in this attraction. It looks a little like Indiana Jones artifact and crate storage rooms? Maybe that's just the video?