Monday, April 22, 2013

More About HKDL Mystic Point and Mystic Manor ! New Videos of the Queue Decor and Pre-Show !

I've got more HKDL Mystic Point and Mystic Manor pics and videos for you, including 
new official pictures and others who were shot by different people who were last week at Mystic Point preview. Let's start by this great aerial view above of Mystic Manor. Below, the Mystic Manor plaque, at the entrance.

The picture below - in better definition than the one posted previously - shows a scene of the queue decor.

Next picture below is one showing the pre-show room in which guests watch a slide 
show with comments from Lord Mystic. An Audio-Animatronic of Albert the monkey is 
also part of the pre-show. By the way, to understand why the pre-show is a slide show ( and not a movie, for instance ) you have to understand that, in the attraction, guests are supposed to be in 1896 or so. Lord Mystic is still alive - as we can see in the ride and contrary to the character of the TDS TOT, also an adventurer, but dead since a long time - and Lord Mystic is the one presenting the pre-show... and the presentation is supposed to be in 1896 or so. With this in mind there is a logic to have a slide show and not a movie in the pre-show, even if cinema already existed in 1896 but screening were not available yet in every home, specially far away countries.

Two new pictures from the ride itself and one of the cataloguing room in better definition than the one posted previously.

There is more to show of Mystic Point as it also include the Explorer Club restaurant, the Gardens of Wonders, and more, but for those of you who can't wait to see the ride here is three videos and the first one posted here for the first time shows the queue decor, before you enter the pre-show room.

This new one shows the pre-show in a different way than on the previous video posted before, it's filmed directly in front of the screen, you'll see much better Albert the monkey Audio-Animatronic, and you'll see also the exit hallway leading to the loading room.

The next one, posted saturday, shows the full ride itself.

When HKDL guests exit the ride they can be amazed with the optical illusions of the Garden of Wonders, here is some pictures of it.

Apparently there is a little show at Mystic Point Freight Depot. I wonder if it's also a new train station for the HKDL railroad... probably.

Not so far from the Manor is the Explorer's Club restaurant...

And ,close to it, The beautiful Archive Shop with a pretty well themed decor.

No surprise, you can find the character of Albert the monkey on many merchandise items.

One last look, but always an element to not forget in a land theming, the Mystic Point bins!

Pictures: copyright Disney, and many others people who were at Mystic Point preview recently and whom i thanks a lot for their pictures!

Videos: copyright Benson Lok and Alex Yeung  


Ryan Simmons said...

I wonder if the Explorers Club restaurant had anything to do with the restaurant of the same name, now called Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost in Disneyland Paris?

Alain Littaye said...

I don't think so, Ryan, and it is also a totally different place than the legendary one at WDW Downtown Disney, unfortunately extinct. But i've been told that some of the props in the one from Downtown Disney has been used either in Mystic Manor or the Explorer's Club restaurant of Mystic Point...

Steve said...

So, what's the deal with just lifting the photos of others without permission? You can't just say "thanks" without even asking.

Marco Antonio Garcia said...

The archive shop looks beautiful and the merchandise is really nice, but I'm very disapointed with the Explorer's club restaurant.

I imagined that it would be a fancy restaurant, very nicely themed, as in the land's "mythology" this explorer's club is supposed to be a club for very rich, eccentric, turn of the 20th century explorers, but the restaurant looks like a cheap counter service and I can't even see any props in the picture.

It should be called the backpackers club restaurant.