Saturday, April 27, 2013

Oblivion Review

Just saw this afternoon Oblivion, the new Joseph Kosinski movie - who did TRON Legacy - with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, and i enjoyed it. Here is Oblivion synopsis and i will not tell you more about the storyline: "In 2077, Oabout the war, and may even put the fate of mankind in his hands".

All the beauty of Oblivion is in its filming and i have to say that esthetically speaking the uncluttered style of the movie is wonderful. The script is an adaptation of Joseph Kosinski own graphic novel even if the end of it will remind you Moebius comic books mixed with some Kubrick style inspiration. Actors are pretty good - even Tom Cruise with all his limits that we know - and a special mention for Olga Kurylenko playing perfectly a sensitive character.

If you decide to go and watch it the most important is to don't read any reviews as they might include some spoilers infos that you definitely must not know to enjoy the film - that's why i can't tell you a lot about it! All is not perfect, but it's a different kind of sci-fi movie and visually speaking you should enjoy it a lot!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful and visually well done but very dull as a movie.